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  1. subha.kanta

    Account Deletion Request

    Hi I would like to delete my x10hosting account to be deleted as I am no longer in position to maintain my site. I have taken all my backups. Kindly take the necessary action. Thanks for such a wonderful experience.
  2. subha.kanta

    Please review my changed website and help me

    Hi All Kindly visit my site which i changed after a long time and will be updating all the links. currently 2 links are active. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. I have one query though. Currently i am just pasting my works into a html file inside <pre>...
  3. subha.kanta

    Kindly give reviews and suggestions

    Hi I started my site recently and would like to have some suggestions and reviews about it so that i can make my site more accessible and good enough for it's purpose. Thanks is advance Any thoughts is deeply appreciated.