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    Cannot Edit Files

    The file manager will not allow me to save changes to any file I edit. I've tried the cPanel file manager, the legacy file manager, and the Basic file manager with no success on multiple browser. Any clue what's causing the error?
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    Account removed?

    Hi, thanks for the help in advanced! It tried logging into my control panel and it said my account was removed, but doesn't say why. I was just wondering why it was deleted?
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    Cutenews & High Resource Usage

    Hello, thank you in advance for the support! I hit the resource limit for the first time, and I was wondering what the culprit could have been. Earlier I installed Cutenews onto my site, and I've been working on integrating it in the cPanel. Would me testing scripts and reloading the site...
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    "Default Web Page"

    I was browsing my website when I randomly came across a 404 not found page- not the one I set, but one that looks like it has a style similar to cPanel. I returned to my site's home page, only to find it blank with the exception of three words: "Default Web Page." Now, every page on my site...
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    500 Internal Server Error

    I changed the permissions of my public_html file to 777, but then changed them back to 775 due to the server error that caused. However, I am still getting a 500 error for my site. I have tried clearing my cache/flushing my dns, but that didn't solve the problem. Thank you for any assistance!
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    Can someone please unsuspend my account? I was suspended for high CPU usage, most likely due to my forum, which I will remove as soon as possible. Thank you! :)
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    Can't access account panel

    Can't access account panel/Suspension I posted this before, but I guess there was an error since it didn't show up- When I try to access the account panel ( I get this error message- "Secure Connection Failed An error occurred during a connection...
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    Suspension help

    Hey x10, it says my account has been suspended for high resource usage. I clicked on the suspension reason and the bottom of the page said that I have one un-suspension request pending, but then when I click status my request does not appear in the account actions box. So... is it really...
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    Pop ups

    I know this belongs in the Feedback section, but it seems I no longer have permission to post there. :) Since yesterday visiting x10hosting's forum seems to trigger some annoying pop ups. I have never had this issue before. I'm browsing with Firefox, if that's any assistance to you. Thanks...
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    MySQL down?

    It seems that MySQL on my Chopin-based site is down, what's going on?
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    High System Resource Usage?

    Hey x10, my site was suspended (now unsuspended) for high system resource use. I don't understand why, my site is pretty basic, the only thing I can think of that would cause this is a MyBB forum I have hosted, but even then it's nothing fancy. Thanks for any help! :)
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    ToS Question

    Hello. Here's a quick question for you: I would like to install a gallery mod onto my myBB-run forum. However, I'm aware that the ToS says "no image hosting"/"uploaders" on your site. I'm not sure if this applies only to Photobucket-esque sites or not. Am I allowed to have a gallery where...
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    500 errors/Slow Loading

    x10hosting, I love you. When I first signed up everything worked great, the support was awesome, and the services became better and better. And while this past summer things have been a little bumpy with server uptime, to the point I actually considered moving hosts, you redemmed yourself and...
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    For some reason my site is defaulting to . I have not changed anything within the past 48 hours.
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    Account Suspended?

    For some reason my account was suspended, but it won't tell me why: My site was working just fine yesterday, does anyone know what the problem is?
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    Cname help

    I'm sorry if this is in the wrong section, but I can't seem to get the domains to work, or post in the Free hosting support section. My site is hosted on Chopin, which is, of course, having troubles with the cgi default page when it comes to parked domains. Someone said to remove and...
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    Missing files/updates

    Just as another "let you know," and perhaps even to help me fix the problem, any updates I have done on my site this past week- from creating new files to editing old ones- has been lost. I am hosted on Chopin, and according to Corey the recent updates shouldn't of caused any data loss... and I...
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    cPanel is extremely sloooow

    Haha, basically, see: topic title. Unlike most, I can log in it's just that everything loads really slowly (I've been waiting for the main page to load for 5 minutes). This has been a problem all morning, does anyone know what's going on? My site is hosted on Chopin, by the way. Thanks for any...
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    Server down?

    My site has been down for at least 7 hours. I can't even access cPanel- ( Is Chopin down?
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    Rewrite 404s

    Sorry if there is already a topic about this... I have a very simple php-run CMS that uses the mod rewrite function. And, like everyone else, I'm having trouble accessing the pages under their rewritten urls (404 errors). I've set my permissions to 755 (they were even originally lower) and...