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    LOTUS down,CPanel down, my site is down, x10 creating records of downtime

    The Apache server is down and I am not able to log into CPanel. What else can go wrong. I moved to x10 yesterday, and not even for a single minute I was able to view my site on this hosting. 24hrs passed after I signed up and not even one minute of glimpse of my site And what a...
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    Apache Lotus Server Down for last 6 hours

    :nuts: I am a new user of x10 hosting and came here with great hopes of getting my site hosted. I signed up yesterday and didn't even have the chance to look at my index page because the LOTUS server went down. I hope the webmaster will solve the issues ASAP. I would also like to...
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    Not able to view my site's content through my domain

    Hi. I uploaded my index page into the public_html folder, but when I visit my website I get a page declaring "Great Success Apche is working" page. I have set the DNS ip as as the primary DNS server.