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    Subdomains seems temporals

    Check out this announcement: Its a bug in the system.
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    Reproductive Ethics

    Before I begin, one must know that I am 16. I live through today's society in a big city, right in the heart of it. My school is composed of mainly minorities, and most students are coming from the "bad" neighborhoods in the city. If you wanna talk about peer pressure to do illegal...
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    20 credits to Register

    Registered as PBfeZ First post on here in almsot a year... It great to be back :)
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    Battle of the Browsers

    I like firefox simply because of all the addons available for it. I choose to use Firefox 3 because it is more recent, and I like the GUI better. As for the other ones, Chrome is nice, but a bit skimpy in features (in my experience, compared to my Firefox) IE is... well, a Microsoft product -...
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    Game: Team A Vs. Team B

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    Adobe Photoshop Vs Ulead Photo Impact

    I think that xPlozion stated it best. While I have not used Photo Impact, I think that from the features listed, it is just a Photoshop for Photographers only, similar to Photoshop Elements.
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    Meaning with life

    I think that you should take what you are dealt, and make the best of it, and if you are dealt a bad card, bluff your way to the pot (Poker Pot)
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    Vending Machine (Game)

    you get a broken computer I insert a cord
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    I'm back... AGAIN!

    Hey! Welcome back! No need to apologize, as I've now found cluenet, and can use my own BNC!
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    [OFF][See Post]Make Easy Credits!

    Thank you. I dont know why I didnt recive the activation email :S EDIT: The link to the rules is wrong in the Portal (Located at -- It currently links to .
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    [OFF][See Post]Make Easy Credits!

    Im intrested. Signing up, and editing with username. Oh, and Im going to add the banner as well. EDIT- Waiting on Confirmation Email, but username is "FeZ"
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    Warez or no Warez?

    Ill be quite honest. I use Cracks, and Warez. As a student, I cant afford to be shelling out $1,000 for Photoshop, which is required in my Graphic Design Class. If Companies were to be SMART, and lower the price, then I would pay for them, but since they are greedy, and want all that money for...
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    [REQ][50 Credits]Put my Advertisement in your Sig for Credits

    I've passed my original three months, and would like an extension.
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    Web Page Designs for FREE!!

    Hey, I am looking for a personal website design. The site is, but contrary to the name, It isn't random information. Its more of a personal website to showcase my graphics.
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    Offering psyBNC or ZNCBNC And EggDrop bots- 100c ea or 150c for both

    Hello :biggrin: Im offering psyBNC/ZNCBNC AND EggDrops for IRC. Prices Are: psyBNC - 100 credits - Official FAQ's at ZNC BNC -100 Credits - FAQ's at Eggdrop - 100 Credits - Unofficial FAQ's at
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    Attention AIM Users...

    Really? I havent been on AIM for awhile, but last I logged in, i wasnt reciving any spam. May I ask when you began to recive these messages?
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    Dynamic images with PHP

    Very nice! I will try it out later when I have an image to put as a background.
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    Tienda de gráficos

    perdon por hacer los esperar, pero ya no tengo el tiempo para hacer esto. Voy a cerrar esto.
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    easy 35 credits

    adding to siggy.