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    Can't view a folder on my site as raw file list

    Obviously x10hosting support doesn't care, so I'm going to ask the users. Okay, normally you can go to, say, I could before on a site I had hosted with x10hosting with a free domain. Now when I go to view it as a directory to see a files list, I get the "404 not found" error...
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    Can't view folder as a directory list.

    Why can't I view a folder directory listing from the browser? That is. Index of /files I have free hosting with a free domain (not that it should matter). I was able to do this before by just putting the folder name in the URL. Example:, but now I'm getting x10hosting's 404...
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    Does x10hosting also supply domain registration?

    I looked in the FAQ and did not see this specific question. I am curious, if I were to upgrade to an x10hosting premium user, does this include domain registration with a .com, .net, .org or other TLD, or will I still have to register a domain name elsewhere?? Thank you in advance.
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    Ninite - Bulk Installer

    I'm on a mission to make this more popular. It is a very helpful tool. it is for Linux (Debian based) and Windows only! Sorry to the Mac OS users out there but you won't get get this. Simple: You select which apps you want on the list, click install, run the installer and it will bulk...
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    Hi, everyone! :biggrin: I'm new here and figured I'd just introduce myself while I'm on here already. x10 is, so far, an excellent free host. Incredibly ideal for people who don't have the money or time to waste setting up their own domain or something like that.