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    Unsuspension taking too long

    My Site has been suspended yesterday I have started the unsuspension process, but in vain It has not yet been restored, please someone take necessary step I am waiting all the time for the unsuspension
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    Account unsuspension waiting from 4 days

    My Account got Suspended when i clicked on update Wordpress Version, on seeing its notification on the top. It happened in a fraction of second, and then after realizing I proceeded with un-suspension But it is under processing since 13 or 14 April! Someone told they unsuspended my...
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    Account Unsuspension is taking too long, waited almost 4 hours for now

    My account got unsuspended when i was updating wordpress to version 3.4.1 or something Then suddenly my account got suspended, i guess this is the second time And i checked methods to prevent suspension, the only way i found is PRIME MEMBERSHIP But i still saw people having problems...
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    PM FTP Password

    I remember the CPanel Password, can login and use, but cant change my ftp password from there... and cant even create a new user with access to root directory please Administrator PM me the FTP password My username: smoin Forum username : smoinuddin111075 DOMAIN : FTP...