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    Microsoft Front Page for the forum intalation Edit: Can anyone give me STEP-BY-STEP instructions on how to upload my frontpage webpage to my webhost with out using cpanel, it is so complecated. I have tryed adding the webpage files onto...
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    Microsoft Front Page

    i dont know, all i did was got to file then publish. it was on front page server extetions, i then put in mu domain and then logeed in, i transfered all my files and it said completed but when i put website in still shows original page Edit: would you know how to set the forum software up Edit...
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    phpBB3 Forum help

    i have installed everything but it just loadds with blank page with done down at the bottom
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    Microsoft Front Page

    I have created my website on Microsoft front page, i have tryed to publish it to my domain but it stll displays the original welcome page. Please can some one help? Also i have a forum page on my website is there any free forum, or software that i can link to my website, i am fairly new to...