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    cannot modify web space, site completely gone6

    Hi I have the domain linked to my hosting account and have done for years however possibly 6 months to a year ago my site seemed to be completely gone. I have submitted a support ticket and I have received no response even though i had a prime account. I cannot create a new folder...
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    site offline on stoli

    Hi my sity is offline for some reason. Its on the stoli server so is there a known problem with this server? EDIT: webmail works but i cant access the cpanel or the actual site.
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    SSI PHP problem i get [an error occurred while processing this directive]

    Hi I've been trying to add this php script to this site for a while but all i get is "[an error occurred while processing this directive]". I want to add this; <?php $olderror_reporting =error_reporting(0); include...
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    what type of server do you use?

    hi i was wondering what type of server do you use? do you use Apache, windows or IIS? im asking as i want to add a php version of a rss reader and it says i need to edit the .htaccess file or add a condition
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    keep getting suspended for not logging into forums even though i have the text link!

    hi i have the text link adverts yet i keep getting suspended every 2 weeks for not logging in yet i have the text link ads which do not require you to log into the forums.
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    site not showing but all files are there

    for some reason im recieving this when i load up the website page however all my html files are there but none are actually showing. Whats going on?
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    couple questions

    Hi i have just uploaded my site and i own however i want to make it so that the ending bit of it matches the ending of each section/page eg. How do i do this and what will i need? also i was told on sign up i had to put in some text links however i havent had...