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  1. shanes

    Need PHP help with this script

    Well i'm trying to make a dynamic signature image which uses GD libary and for part of it I want there to be a dynamic image which changes if i'm online or not on a site , here's the segment of the script that checks: $check = file_get_contents("http://habbo.$hotel/home/$habbo); function...
  2. shanes

    Need a PHP code

    Well I've got a Zelune proxy (Don't worry admin's it's not hosted on here) and I was wondering is there a way of placing a information 'logger' onit so every time they press browse it'll log this ip onto a .txt file with the time they visited and what site they visited. I know it's possible as...
  3. shanes

    Does the forum use a free skin?

    I'm not too sure where to psot this so i'll post it here, I saw the same skin as the forum on and I think they may have ripped it if it isn't a free skin.
  4. shanes

    Help with CSS+Div's

    Well i'm coding a layout for someone and I've encounterd a little problem... is the url I wanted to centre the layout without using tables so I made a container div , the problem with this is for some reason the contain div closes off without me...
  5. shanes

    Problems with the DNS?

    Well I tried validating my site with the W3 XHTML checker and I get this error: I'm guessing it's due to the DNS changed from yesterday seeing as I checked my site yesterday and W3 was working fine. is my site url.
  6. shanes

    A little PHP question

    Well i'm a total 'newbie' when it comes to PHP , I know close to nothing , anyway I recently downloaded a CMS and I was looking through the source and I found this , i'm wondering what this code does as it seems dodgy , to me it looks like the site is logging the information I enter into my...