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    Scripts and Templates

    Hello Everyone, I am JXVForums, the owner of I am in need a of good template for PHPBB3 and Joomla, that match with each other. I have seen many demo templates and the provider I find the most appealing is RocketTheme, I do not need all their services and it is rather...
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    How do you find out whether you account is activated?

    I signed up for a new site using the ID JXVForum I registered the name I got an email concerning my activation status, and I clicked on it and got sent to a link where it says that my username is in the sign-up queue, and it said it would take around 14 hours, and now its...
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    Little banners and Signatures I've made in the past.

    Comment please. This is a banner I used for my old site. Sadly I didn't know how bad the bandwidth was on freewebs >.>
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    Avatars made *Characters not done by me*

    Avatars I made *Characters not done by me* As I said, these are Avatars I made but the characters themselves I didn't make. Just made a few cuts, some blending changes and the background. PLEASE SAVE AND UPLOAD THEM YOURSELVES!!! I don't want my bandwidth with photobucket hit the crapper...