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    IPB License for sale

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    What's with the annoying hidden adverts?

    They kept crashing my browser :P
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    Free Email Marketing!!

    For those that do not know what email marketing is, check out It allows you to send newsletters to your subscribers... And again, thanks for your support!
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    Woah... OMG! I have been registered for more than 10 days... Yay... :D well. Actually, about 10...

    Woah... OMG! I have been registered for more than 10 days... Yay... :D well. Actually, about 10 months :P Well. No. I still had the other account... ahhh whatevr.
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    Free Email Marketing!!

    Hello, Sorry about the title, this really isn't an offer, but more an update to my previous post about the free email marketing service. Since it looks like this kind of service is in demand, and everyone likes free stuff... Just like IPB... That should be free... :(... but anyways, We have...
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    Forum Game <Wish>

    Corrupt a Wish game Hey, I haven't seen this one here yet.... it's REALLY fun for those that have stress to get out :). Example: User1: I wish that I had IP.Board User2: But the license was nulled, and the police came and kicked your *** I wish I had a Mac User3: But you learned...
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    Kids Like Porn.

    Well. As most of you know, at ages 12-14, kids like to explore.... I would be surprised if someone didn't :P anyways, with the internet being widely available, they tend to use that to explore... Yeah, probably might want to get a filter :P
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    The best forum system?

    I LOVE IPB.... My cat's *** is better looking than vBulletin... And, for the free (poor), I would choose MyBB.... It's ACP resembles MyBB a bit...
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    Questions about Tiny VPS

    Don't use LX admin unless you have a desire to get your server hacked into and trashed. The LX Labs project is dead, and so is the developer.... He killed himself, and since then developers have found many security flaws in LX Labs software.
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    Internet is being stupid, why?

    Just as I suspected. Charter. :O. First of all, never contact them via phone. You would tell them that the internet is down, and they would try to sell you network setup. Second, they are impossible to understand. I wouldn't recommend the online chat either.... ugh. Here is a little sample: Me...
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    The Ctrl+V game

    ******************************** ******************************** ******************************** ******************************** ******************************** ******************************** ******************************** ********************************...
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    Which Uptime Monitor Service?

    Try rootinternet.... I monitor my whole server off that. The free service can have 1 minute intervals, and If you have a Mac, there is a DashBoard widget available, displaying uptime, and current stats. This one is the best I've ever used.
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    I Fall in Love with a French

    Do some IP checks, like I do on all my online friends :P, and ask her about the relationship, and if she feels the same, you could go to France! (I would go because of all the smart cars :P)
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    [REQ] [100 + 100] Simple Linux / Mac testing

    If you need more than one mac tester, I could do it, but I dont exactly see what I have to do.
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    Should we target GeoCities users?

    They will love cPanel, and ad-free, and all the features, compared to what they are used to at Geocities....
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    Health Care

    Do you agree with Obama's 1-trillion dollar Health Care plan? He is very inexperienced with this area, and Our country is already in too much dept. What do you think about his plans?
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    Do you believe in God?

    I get into a war with my self when I think about the things in the universe. Some times I turn to saying that is science. Sometimes I say that is a god. I do believe in evolution though, the signs are very clear.
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    Family: yes Community: Not my community. Meh, take them not me. They all hate me. This kind of thing really makes you think. I can't just say the greater good. It depends. The greater good can mean many things....
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    Do you read contracts/terms of service/licenses?

    For services only. Software licences and agreements are way too long and over written. They are a waste of time, since usually they are all exactly the same, except for the company and software name that pops up every 4 words. Terms of service MUST be read, because you can get in trouble if you...
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    The best forum system?

    Re: The best forumsystem? Definately IPB. It is so easy, and for some reason, I just LOVE its design. It has many cool moderation features, it is easy to mod, and actually, its similar to myBB. Lots of features of myBB are similar to IPB. So if you like myBB, try IPB. Trust me :P