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    first transfer files

    The only FTP transfer you can do with a web browser like Opera or IE is 'download'. If you're looking to 'upload' and 'download' files, you will need an "FTP Client", not a browser. "Filezilla" is the first that comes to mind. Do a google search on "FTP Client", you'll find plenty.
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    @Shazamn@ Radio

    Looks good. You need to add support for Winamp though.
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    Please review my site

    1) Post a link to your site.. eg: 2) There's nothing to review. Do you want us to critique the Wordpress theme you installed?:confused:
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    Account suspended for the third time.

    Hello. My account was suspened, once again, for "high resource usage". I was able to unsuspend the account. However, this is becoming unacceptable. I have nothing hosted on this site, other than scripts you have supplied, that were installed with tools you provided. I am using next to no disk...
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    MySQL question and a Mailing List question

    Quite simply, Your HTML form would call a php script that would write the info into your database. After your database and tables have been created, you would not need to create any more tables...all you will need your script to do is to add/edit/remove info to one of your existing tables...
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    What is the Best AntiVirus?

    Throw in my vote for Avira's Anti-vir. I've had to clean up way too many infections on AVG 'protected' machines , and both Norton and Mcafee products are so bloated and so resource consuming that they both should be considered viruses themselves.
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    (sigh..) Suspension question

    Just curious, It's been over a week - have those .htaccess entries improved the situation at all?
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    (sigh..) Suspension question

    Hopefully this will help. I have added the following lines to my .htaccess file: Order Deny,Allow Deny from ru Deny from I would imagine that a great number of the account suspensions you are currently dealing with are due to this Russian search bot spider. From what I've learned...
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    (sigh..) Suspension question

    Bryon, Thank you for your response. These are requests from a spam bot. HTTP_USER_AGENT=Mozilla/5.0 (compatible; YandexBot/3.0; MirrorDetector; + // The User_agent is typically the web browser used - in this case - it appears to be a bot...
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    (sigh..) Suspension question

    At this point, the site has almost nonexistent traffic. CPanel reports I have used 0 of the allotted 10240MB for the month of August. In fact, it's highest peak ever was back in April - and even that was only 80MB...a very far cry from what is allotted. Most of that was probably me uploading...
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    Community Helpers vs Normal Members

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    (sigh..) Suspension question

    My account was suspended for high resource usage. From looking at the forums, I can tell I'm not the only one affected - and boy, are you guys busy! I've gleaned from some of the other posts that most of these suspensions have occurred because a script has exceeded 25% usage of a single cpu...
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    The Other Side Up - Web magazine

    Layout and colors aren't hard on the eyes...Your header image is way too tall though - that's a lot of valuable screen 'real estate' there. Mebbe delete this thread and start again when starka is up and running again? May help response-wise.
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    Best Linux Distribution

    BeOS! J/k ... running xubuntu on server and Mandriva on personal machine.
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    Looking For Some Help From The Community!

    Bravo. Very nicely done.
  17. M A robotics community

    I promised myself I would only respond to posts in this thread with constructive criticism. I am going to try to stick to that. 1) Lose the "old/slow connection site - new/broadband site" selections. Design your site to load at reasonable speeds for every potential user. Stream multimedia only...
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    Attendance Sheet Re-Made (Keep This One Active)

    mattblog DeadBattery stardom techairlines mattblog lukoot icywind335 xav0989 techairlines mattblog lukoot mattblog lukoot conzone DeadBattery Mattblog DeadBattery MattBlog darzamora techairlines Mattblog DeadBattery lukoot Mattblog darzamora Mattblog lukoot DeadBattery shant93 Mattblog...
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    What do think about my blog?

    I'm not sure what you want reviewed. The 'look and feel' of the site appears fine, but feels slow and sluggish - I'd suggest hand tweaking your layout, images, CSS, and other design elements to get things moving. "Designbot" programs like Artisteer are great for eyeballing ideas - but not so...
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    Site for a game me and a few friends are making.

    I must be getting old. My first reaction was "Too Dark", "Font too small"...Jeezus, next it'll be "Turn that radio down!", and "Get off my lawn!". Seriously though - it looks like every gamer board I've ever seen - yawn.