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  1. tridge

    Trying to Upgrade Account to Corporate

    I currently have a free domain under user name: tridge on lotus. I would like to upgrade to the Premium Corporate package but I am receiving a message "This feature is not currently activated on your account." when clicking the "Account Upgrades" button and when I click "Order Now" under the...
  2. tridge

    Diablo III

    Anyone as happy as I am? Also, my 100th post! Edit: I can't believe nobody comments on D3...
  3. tridge

    public_html directory missing

    I searched the forum for: public_html, public_html missing, html directory gone, html directory, missing public_html and no results. I uploaded a picture to my public_html/images/ folder on my domain with cpanel name "tridge" using FireFTP earlier, went to upload another image about...
  4. tridge

    Desktop setup

    Alienware m9700 (laptop) AMD Turion 64bit ML-44 2.4Ghz 2GB Patriot PC-3200 DDR 400MHz Signature Line Seagate 120GB 5400rpm SATA 8X DVD+/-RW 2 x 9700 NVidia 7900GS 512MB (1GB total video memory) in SLi Airgo MIMO wireless Windows XP Pro 17" WUXGA 1920x1600 External 22" wide Samsung LCD Logitech...