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    Free unlimited account reduced to 1GB. how can I submit a ticket?

    I signed up just over a year ago for what was advertised as an unlimited web-hosting account. I recently found that I couldn't upload new content to it (by FTP). I've just realised why -- it's now been restricted to 1GB and I've hit that limit. (No notification was emailed to my contact address...
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    Here's how to use the CGI hit-counter available here through cPanel.

    After getting no replies to my question posted here on this subject, I did some research on the net about Count.cgi, and after much trial and error experimenting with it here, I finally figured out how it works and what you have to do here to use it. I've noticed that many other forum members...
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    How can I modify the CGI hit-counter and where's its .dat file?

    I wanted a visitor counter for my webpages hosted here and I got something from cPanel that does the job, but not quite as I intended. I'd like some help modifying the code to tweak it. The code comes from: cPanel --> "Software/Services" pane --> CGI Center --> Counter It takes you to a page...
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    Does FTP access count to avoid inactivity suspension?

    I have a question about the once-every-30-days minimum activity requirement for free webhosting accounts. Does FTP activity on its own (without actually using cPanel) qualify as sufficient activity to avoid account suspension due to inactivity?
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    Newbie feedback on registration process

    As a newbie here who has just registered for a free webhosting account, I'd like to provide some feedback to x10Hosting on my experiences here so far. Signing up was not a smooth process. It took quite a few attempts to even submit my registration. I kept getting 503 errors (Service...