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    I need help with installing my website

    Look: Last time someone fixed the same problem on my other website. Could someone fix this problem once more. Thank you!
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    Lately, and my website have sometimes gone offline! It says sometimes that my website and don't exist! Why? Is this a temporary server problem? Sincerely, Matt122004
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    Adding New Page In Mambo?

    I don't know how to add a page in Mambo. I don't mean any page, but a blank empty page, a page where I can add anything to it. Please help me. Sincerely, Matt122004 PS. Would someone please tell me if my corprate ad code is on correctly. Also, do...
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    How Do I Install IPB 1.3.1?

    How Do I Install IPB 1.3.1?
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    Can someone install my website for me?

    Could someone install my PORTAL for me? Like an admin or staff? I keep getting this message: PLEASE HELP! OR PLEASE TELL ME WHAT I DO TO FIX IT! I'm using Mombo.
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    Installing Help!!!!!!!!!!!

    I need help installing my website. Here's my questions... 1. How do I install IPB? 2. Can I have an Example of what MSF and PHPbb2 look like? 3. I'm so confused, I love the look and feel of Cpanel, but how do I make the website? Please help!!!!