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    Site Review

    Hey hey! Recently I have been making a new design for my website. I would like to know which you prefer, the old or the new and give reasons as to why you prefer it. OLD: NEW: Thanks in advance!
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    Is this new design better?

    Hey guys, I have changed the look of my site a little. Which do you think is better, the current design or this new one? Current: New: Thank you! BraD
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    Arsenal Unleashed

    Hey there! For anyone who doesn't know, my website is for fans of Arsenal FC! The main website is: I am looking for people to join the forums! It doesn't matter if you support Arsenal or not, everybody is welcome! If I can get at least a few...
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    Arsenal Unleashed -- Ideas Required!

    Hey guys, I am currently making a website called Arsenal Unleashed. It is a fan site for my favourite football team Arsenal FC (duh!). Check it out here: What I would like to know is what features would you like to see on a site like this? At the...
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    What do you think?

    Hey guys, the past few days I have been working on a website. It is a fansite for the football (soccer) team Arsenal FC. I would just like to know what you think of it and what I can do to improve it. Also a rating out of 10 would be most welcome! Anyway, here it is...
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    League Table needed

    Hey guys, i am in the process of making a website about my favourite football (soccer) team. I am currently in need of a league table, like the one here: I do not know how to code in PHP so scripting my own is out of the...
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    New site, new template

    Hey, i'm back! And i've made a template for a my site. I would like your feedback on it. A rating out of 10 would be great too. Thank you for looking! :hsdance: BraD
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    AFW Design

    Hey guys, this is a design for a site im working on called Arsenal Fever Weekly. I am looking for marks out of 10 for the design. I know it's not exactly stunning. It's meant to be simple. The site doesn't display right in IE but displays...
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    FormToEmail Help

    Ok, I'm having a little trouble with a script I found, it basically allows users to enter data into a form which is then submitted to my email account. From what I can tell I have set everything up correctly. When I click the submit button it takes me to the "thank you" page as it should, but...
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    php/mysql help

    Ok guys, im a building a Arsenal FC fan site and am currently trying to figure out the the league table. What I want to be able to do is create a league table like the one shown here: I want...
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    Unlimited Megabytes

    Hey guys, according to my CPanel i have unlimited space. Just thought i'd bring it to your attention. CPanel: tsofx10h Subdomain: Thanks Brad
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    External News/Site Updating

    Hi guys, I am currently in the process of making a footballing website that has all the latest results fixtures and more. Obviously I can't up information for each team all by myself, I want other people to be able update certain parts of the site themselves without me having to give them...
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    Cheats Cheats Cheats

    Ok guys, i've been busy building my website(The Cheat Sheet) and I am now in need from you guys and gurls. I currently need as many cheats as I can get hold of! and if you do take an interest in my site why not join the forums and get chatting with other gamers! Any help that you guys can give...
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    Ok guys, i keep getting an "authentication" error when i try to connect via FTP with smartftp Any ideas as to why its doing this?
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    Reset Password

    Hey, please can you reset my password. sub domain: Thx in advance
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    The Cheat Sheet

    Hey guys n girls i've made a new website, tis a website for cheats for games. Check it out at: Tell me what you think of it/rate it. Any input wd be appreciated. Thanx, Dub_Dude
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    new banner

    ok, here is my attempt at banner. I am relatively new to Photoshop so please, any help would be great. I am using imageshack as the server my site is hosted on is down :hsdance:
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    Hello hello...

    Hey guys, the names Brad. I've been hunting for a good free host and this is by far the best i've found so far!:stupid: Anyways, i've been working on a website, check it out here. Or click my sig :) Anyways, thanx for the great hosting.