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    can't login to cpanel or reset password?

    i was using my other email adress sorry :( the other one is but when I tried resetting my password it didn't say "email adress not in database..." so I tought I was using the right one ---------- Post added at 10:34 AM ---------- Previous post was at 10:31 AM ---------- thank you...
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    can't login to cpanel or reset password?

    I tried both ways, with my username and with my email adress.
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    can't login to cpanel or reset password?

    nope and i'm pretty sure I haven't forgotten my password because I can still login to the ftp
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    can't login to cpanel or reset password?

    I have the same problem there :s that's where I tried resetting my password but never got the email
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    can't login to cpanel or reset password?

    my domain name is but i'm unable to login to my cpanel I tried resetting my password but never got the email :s what can I do?
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    changed domain, site gone

    I just change my domain name to, waited for the action status to be "finished" but I couldn't access my site. now I've changed it back to, it now says "Finished" but I still can't access my website :s what should I do?
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    When is Lotus gonna be replaced?

    chill out man... the hosting is free if you want 99.9% uptime you will have to pay for it =)
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    Installing Linux

    get fedora (l)
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    360 vs. ps3

    thnx this helped me a lot
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    phpbb codes not working

    i insert the javascript in the overal header.tpl in phpbb but i still cant see the ads... anybody know what i'm doing wrong? ive searched on the forum and done all the methods i could find.... anybody known one to work? phpbb2 here thanks in advance
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    for admins: php config

    hey... can one of the admins please change post_max_size to 56M and upload_max_filesize to 50M? i'd be very greatfull... this was done befor but after the server moved it went back to standard :( so can please somebody do it? thank you in advance ...
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    hey ... :d:d:d:d i was wondering if there is anything that can be done so i'm allowed to host a dutch site.... like have an english version of it.... or put more ads then normal or anything....anybody have an idea? or pay for hosting donnoo please tell me
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    post_max_size 8M 8M

    post_max_size8M8M can somebody please change this to 50 ?
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    max file upload plz help

    in php the max file upload is 2M how can i change this? i need it to host my mp3 files, me and my friends make music.... so there is no copyright on them thank you
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    makin a comeback :p

    hey ya'll probs seen my posts but i'm gonna be more active from now on i tought i'd introduce myself name is hyclass aka i'm from belgium i'm a webdesigner and i can work some with php ... most of my sites are php and mysql nowadays so if you think i can help you pm me or mail me :D...
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    problem uploading

    i made me a php uploader for my site but i cant seem to upload a movie.... altho nothing in the code it blocking it.... no errors or anything... just it keeps loading very long then says page not found .... i did it like this copy($_FILES[movie][tmp_name]; "uploads/video/"); also tried...
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    help getting freaky error

    <? if ($logged[gebruiker]) { setcookie("id", 2132421,time()+(60*60*24*5), "/", ""); setcookie("pass", loggedout,time()+(60*60*24*5), "/", ""); echo ("You are now logged out! <br>"); header('Location: index.php'); } else { $loginform = "<form name=\"form1\" method=\"post\" action=\"\"> <table...
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    can acces my site but server is online :s thats my site i dont know whats wrong :( :'( anybody have an idea?
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    is it down or just me?

    my site is down :( or its just me ...cause that status thing says its online
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    ftp a acounts

    i cant seem to setup an ftp acount when i set it up in the cpanel then it still doesn't work ..wont log in on ftp anybody wanna tell me how to do it step by step? i'd like to let people log into the folder swb in public_html thank u