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    Friend's Website Is Down Completely

    My friend's domain is down when u go to it, I went to a website down checker and it said it was down, He didn't get suspended, maybe server moves?, but he had an AWESOME website! So please help him! I think his username was razzomx10m
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    Absolut cPanel Bug

    Old Outdated cPanel! Instead of extended Can't detect how much memory used on public_html Unkown Error Email's In Email Accounts
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    Site is not connected

    Sorry for the inconvienince we are switching some servers including Starka to new ones for better uptime and more room.
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    CPanel Error & Webmail

    So I know about the switches but this is odd, I can access webmail and cpanel, Cpanel was outdated it looks like this And the webmail has like 40 messages about starka and uploads i ddint upload?
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    403 Forbidden

    The x10hosting company is changing around servers and moving them including Starka and others, sorry!
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    My site dosn't work - Moja strona nie działa

    The X10hosting is changing around Starka and 2 others to brand new servers. Sorry for the inconvinience.
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    Server Moves

    Please get Starka done ASP, I'm losing customers.
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    I have it too on my really good search engine!
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    My Second HTML Template Made

    I made this template! You can download it from my website:
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    Site Not Registered

    I registered my site yesterday and when I look at it it is still in queue and I've been waiting for awhile now! Could you please look at mine! The username was, penguini!
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    We regret to inform you that unfortunately an error prevented... Error

    I was registering a new domain, and I tried this and still no success diff ip(went to restraunt) diff website domain diff username I am registering with another email too if that does anything to change
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    Logi Search Engine

    There are only 21 search results for search engine so far so search,"peanut"! Logi Home: Logi Newsletter: Logi Admin Panel: