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  1. kim_foxx

    Changed Permalinks now Parent not working

    I'm trying to fix the website below and I changed the Permalinks from Default to Post-Name. Now all the pages that have Treatments as a Parent in page attributes are not found when i visit their direct link. However, when i set the Permalinks back to default...
  2. kim_foxx

    Wordpress Enabling Comments?

    Does anyone how to enable comments on posts after they have been created? Resolved: I realized I can edit each published Page or Post and check "Allow comments" in each case. If you do not see this pane, click Screen Options at the very top of the page and check "Discussion".
  3. kim_foxx

    G-Blog Youtube Channel on Side

    Does anyone know how I can add a list in text or small thumbnail images of all my Youtube videos on the right hand side of a Google blog?
  4. kim_foxx

    Free Email Marketing Tools?

    Can anyone recommend any?
  5. kim_foxx

    Free Google Analytics Desktop?

    Does anyone know a free way on how I can have Google Analytics on my desktop so I don't need to login to the web version?
  6. kim_foxx

    Invisible Backlinks?

    If you have multiple websites is it possible to make back-links in the back-end to your different websites without them being visible to your users?
  7. kim_foxx

    Make Firefox load on a specific screen?

    I have 2 screens. One is a TV and another is a monitor. I want firefox to ALWAYS open on the monitor becaue at the moment sometimes it opens on the TV and i need to turn the TV on to move the browser to the monitor then turn the TV off. Any ideas?
  8. kim_foxx

    Best Free Wordpress Backup?

    I recently tried BackUpWordPress but it only backups the database and not the files.... Does anyone know of any other good ones?
  9. kim_foxx

    Payza Vs Solid Trust Pay vs HyperWallet

    Has anyone tried any of these 3 payment systems? Which one did you find works best?
  10. kim_foxx

    ThunderBird 17.0.7 cannot open links.

    I am having trouble opening links from Thunderbird. There's no option for me to copy or visit link when i right click on it. When i click on the link it does nothing. I've searched some old threads and changed a few things but no luck. I also tried to use the ThunderBrowse plugin but that didn't...
  11. kim_foxx

    Error with sitemap_index.xml

    I get the below error when trying to access the sitemap file.... Does anyone have any idea how to fix this? Error loading stylesheet: An unknown error has occurred...
  12. kim_foxx

    Video Editing like Photoshop?

    Is there a way to crop out a specific section of a video and add it to another one? Say you crop out just spiderman from the movie and then add him to a different movie and when you press play it plays both?
  13. kim_foxx

    Resume from Photoshop to large

    I created a resume in photoshop and have exported 3 pdf and then combined them together using PDFBinder. However the resume is 105MB.... Does anyone know how i could make it smaller? say in the KB's?
  14. kim_foxx

    Faster Wifi?

    I have broadband internet with Optus. A few days ago I had a Motorola Modem and a Netgear WNR2000 Router. The Wireless internet was not as fast and the wifi signal bars were not full I think about 4 so i decided to replace it with a newer Modem/Router in one that optus provided us with. It is...
  15. kim_foxx

    Security Cam

    I'm looking to purchase an IP Camera which I can use to look outside onto the street from my house. I was wondering if anyone has any recommendations? I want it to have good night vision and be viewed from my computer
  16. kim_foxx

    Resume in Photoshop

    I'm making a resume using photoshop and then im going to export it to PDF. I was wondering how do i go about creating different pages in the PDF? So now I've set the photoshop canvas to be the same as an A4 page. I have done the first page. I am going to save it and then start on the 2nd page...
  17. kim_foxx

    Issue with website Email Code

    I designed this page and have set validation rules so blank emails do not get sent. However, the owner of the website has now realized that blank emails with no information are being as as below. First Name: Last Name...
  18. kim_foxx

    Drawing Plugin (wPaint)

    I found a great plugin for what i want to do called wPaint ( However the only issue is when I upload an image I am unable to re-size it or move it around the canvas... This is what I have so far. You can upload an image to get a better idea...
  19. kim_foxx

    Payment System on Shopping Websites?

    With website where you purchase something say a toothbrush. You first select the toothbrush then check-out to pay (using paypal processing system). Would an email be sent to the owner at that moment that this user wants to purchase the toothbrush or is the email only sent after the payment has...
  20. kim_foxx

    Best site for Freelancers

    I am looking for a reliable site to export a project i need completed. I tried but my first experience was unpleasant and ended up losing some money.... I am unsure if i am unlucky or if the website is not a good for what i am looking for. Has anyone done this kind of...