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  1. darkhawk

    Do u like movie trailers ?

    There u can find it , and many other things :
  2. darkhawk

    Funny movie

    Just a nice, funny movie that I have seen
  3. darkhawk

    Burn VCD from DVD

    I have got a DVD that contains musik, I want to burn to a CD, is it possible ? If yes plz tell me which software can do that job ! Thanks !
  4. darkhawk

    How do u think about this ? That link above will show u detail about a mainboard that I am going to buy, sounds great to u ?
  5. darkhawk

    Is it good ?

    When I come to a computer market ( actually Media Markt in Berlin ) I have seen that a pack containing 3 Games, one of those is Homeworld2 others seem like old Games, and cost only 10 €, even a Games Homeworld2 costs 18,90 €. Could anyone tell me why ?