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  1. Cycloneflame

    I'm Back!

    Hi guys! Some of you might not know me, but after a long time, I've had to come back here for hosting services. My old host has had to stop all services, after Verizon and TeliaSonera black-listed the server's IP, losing a load of customers. All I use is a vBulletin License, a Wordpress blog and...
  2. Cycloneflame

    FTP down for months

    My FTP hasn't been working and hasn't wanted to work for a long time now. Could there be an error up there? I keep getting timeout errors. It says 'Connecting to (ftp://)' It never says 'connected waiting for welcome message' In the end, it just times out.
  3. Cycloneflame


    I was thinking that you should have a selection of ads, a bit like google Adsense. There are things like PHP-Nuke which are sometimes spoiled by Horizontal ads. Could there be a selection like a Choice between a standard Horizontal banner and a Skyscraper (Vertical) banner?
  4. Cycloneflame

    Unsuspend Suspended

    cPanel Username:commsgc Subdomain: How long your account has been up: 2 Weeks Did you have the ads placed on every page:Yes Is there a reason to why this account has been suspended?
  5. Cycloneflame

    Server Update emails/Latest news Emails

    I think you should dedicate someone to emailing users, telling them about server status and what's happening, a bit like the other guy's newsletter.
  6. Cycloneflame

    Seems sad but it's funny......

    Someone showed me this site called 'happy tree friends' Some of you may have heard of it, it's actually quite funny. It acts to be like a kiddy show, but it's actually REALLY gory! The theme tune is VERY addictive.
  7. Cycloneflame

    Do we use the Ranking system here?

    Do we? You know those green dots and the smiley face button. Do we use these? Or do we have to ignore them. Should we even encourage them?
  8. Cycloneflame

    How do you install the ads for PHP-Nuke?

    How do you install the ads for Post-Nuke? Does anyone know? I am afraid my site will be suspended! Please tell!
  9. Cycloneflame

    How do I get IPB2.00?

    Does anyone knowhow to get the unlimited trial of IPB 2.0? I don't want 2.03, or 1.2 Thanks!