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  1. rampagegroup

    Site is not migrating.

    Have refreshed my cache and still have a redirect page. Approx. 4 days now. Getting this page: Website currently unavailable during a migration process. Please wait, flush your DNS cache, and try again. We apologize for any inconvenience. -x10Hosting
  2. rampagegroup

    My site is still showing a redirect page

    Have refreshed my cache and still have a redirect page. Approx. 4 days now.
  3. rampagegroup

    site not working.

    whitesails site is not working and can't login to host account
  4. rampagegroup

    Site not working

    I can log in to acct but can not go to cpanel and my site is not up. No suspensions etc.
  5. rampagegroup

    Bakery Site #2

    After having trouble with my previous site and the folks at x10 being so helpful, I decided to redo the entire site and would appreciate any critique. Thanks to all who made suggestion on my previous site and hope this will fare better. Thank you in advance! Lance
  6. rampagegroup


    I can`t log in using the password u gave me in my support ticket email. This is the reason I had to delete the account because everything else seems to work except my logins. Everytime I would reset the PW...same thing. This is what I got: > Ticket ID: WKA-843006 > Subject: Delete acct >...
  7. rampagegroup

    Delete acct

    Account Deletion Request - Please delete my free hosting account. cPanel username:llance1 (x) I made a mistake and accidentally opened another acct because I couldn`t figure out how to work the admin areas.. My apologies. This is what the admins in the forums told me to do. Thank you Here...
  8. rampagegroup


    Had so many problems with too many passwords and admin panels that I tried to activate another account by accident. Was originally trying to go to web admin pane so I could upload instead of using the site builder but I could never get there. So after I accidentally created another account, I...
  9. rampagegroup

    Please review my new bakery site Forwarded my domain to my x10 hosted site. Used a template and then pulled that template again into a frame. Any suggestions will be appreciated. Thank you
  10. rampagegroup

    contact form

    I have set up my contact form but my tests don't work. I have my default email used and also tried another email but no luck. Help please.