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  1. kjl00

    Hi, My account was suspended and my domain was stuck on my account, and now it wnt let me switch...

    Hi, My account was suspended and my domain was stuck on my account, and now it wnt let me switch DNS. I need my account deleted so I can re assign my domain and I posted a thread but with no answer any help? my cPanel is kisuke.
  2. kjl00

    "We will never forget"

    Ya is was unless his grandfather is osama bin laden. then the marines would take him and put him in a hole where he cant get out.
  3. kjl00

    sites skin

    my vb has a skin that looks alot like the forums but I'd like to confirm here: It is NOT a phishing site, Idk if this is the right place but I wanted to clear that up so my site isn't deleted. Thanks
  4. kjl00

    vBulletin admin cp blank

    Ok I transformed my IP board to a vbulletin and I access admincp and I receive a blank page as if I still had basic PHP.
  5. kjl00

    Apache down very annoying

    Ok, wtf? why does the server keep going down? if this keeps up I will have to switch because I'm serious about making a website and I can't do it with all this downtime...:mad::mad::mad: As a user of this server, I demand to why why the server is down so...
  6. kjl00

    returning user

    Welcom back... lol
  7. kjl00

    Well again downtime..

    Everyone on stoli is. the apache is down(check my sig)
  8. kjl00

    "We will never forget"

    Yea thats what i ment, literality ftw... and yeah I was living in new york at the time. I was like 7 when it happened. I remember I couldn't breathe until those emergency ppl got me.
  9. kjl00

    McCAIN Vs. Obama

    so?? I'm not really into all this religion stuff but doesn't christianity have a preacher?
  10. kjl00

    [OFF]Post in my Forums for Credits, Again

    I'll post, but whats the forum about?
  11. kjl00

    corporate ad code

    aight. thx
  12. kjl00

    corporate ad code

    I've put my ads on my site and they work BUT on my blog AND my forum they dnt always show everytime. did i insert them wrong or is it part of the code?
  13. kjl00

    [Offer][90 credits/article] Looking for blog writers

    I'm paying 90 credits per article to writers on my blog requirements: MUST be well versed in english MUST be 14+ Be well versed in high level world of warcraft Be mature enough to take criticism. Must post one article a week and the article MUST be at least 20 lines long with...
  14. kjl00

    fantasisco un available

    meh.that sucks.
  15. kjl00

    fantasisco un available

    my PHP problem is fixed and IP board is installed. Now. I want to uninstall the SmF instalation in the root and replace it with wordpress, the problem is fantasisco isn't working..
  16. kjl00

    [Offer][100 credits] selling footer banner on site The image banner will only appear on the forums the wordpress pages are unavailable right now. dimensions 100X500 must be centered
  17. kjl00

    [REQ][50 Credits]Put my Advertisement in your Sig for Credits

    I've put it in my sigg. your still doing it, right?
  18. kjl00

    PHP version

    it doesnt even load now it's just stuck on loading
  19. kjl00

    "We will never forget"

    This was a little late but I was like 3 blocks away when it happened, and I remember running like hell to not get caught in the explosion.
  20. kjl00

    PHP version

    like 5 minutes? but it's still not working after like 8 hours Edit: also my url is iff you need it.