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  1. truthguild

    hosting/site disappeared

    I've had a site for my game guild for a while now, and today is has disappeared with this message in my contol panel: Woah! It appears that you do not have hosting under your client account. This could be the result of a different scenarios: * An older account was removed as the result...
  2. truthguild

    site is still down

    the site i have hosted here for my guild has been down for a couple of weeks. at first i thought it was because of the server move, but now that that is complete it is still down. the error returned is: Unable to load page Problem occurred while loading the URL...
  3. truthguild

    Logical Fallacies and Constructing a Good Argument

    Logical Fallacies I've been noticing many people using logical fallacies in their arguments here and felt this needed to be covered. Using a logical fallacy renders your argument invalid, so they should be avoided. I'm going to cover some of the more common logical fallacies so you can...