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  1. Mafuzzer

    Remove Information from another of my Forum Accounts

    Hi, I have two forum accounts for x10 Hosting for some reason, and I understand it may not be possible to delete Forum accounts entirely, but is it possible to delete all the information and profile picture from this account (as well as perhaps delete the posts)...
  2. Mafuzzer


    Homepage-Friends is a great way to earn cash! All you have to do is Search! You get your own customisable "Search Box" and you earn roughly 3p-4p per Search! (Provider is Yahoo!). The minimum cashout is £20 sent to PayPal/Wire Transfer. I have 640 Searches and I'm on £14.27 ($21.55!!!)...
  3. Mafuzzer

    Earn Money via GGC (GameGoldCash)

    Play games like WoW and Runescape? This place offers you the stuff you need. They can give you all sorts of stuff and I personally use it! Refered Un-Refered Proof that it works ^^ Please use my referal link :)
  4. Mafuzzer

    Hey Everyone

    Hi, just like to say Hello and thank Corey for providing people with a WONDERFUL x10 Hosting account :cool: