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  1. Franc0

    Regalo Dominio Gratis!!

    Regalo el Dominio, no hosting, puedo apuntar el dominioi a tu cuenta si quieres. El que quiera que avise, tienes que tener una web con trafico ya o explicarme de que se tratara, suerte!.
  2. Franc0

    Need Logo - 1000 Creds!

    Hey guys my job is fairly easy if you know photoshop. Im looking for a Sleek, PRO, and Clear Logo for my Website. It gotta be the same dimensios as the demo banner im going to show you, and and then i need you to resize it to 220 X 60 Here is a logo so you can guide yourself...
  3. Franc0

    Dominio Gratis

    Estoy dando 1 año de dominio .com .net o .org a cualquiera que escriba 100 entradas a mi sitio web. Debe manejarse en wordpress i sobre webmasters.
  4. Franc0

    25 Creditos Por Articulo en mi sitio!

    Buenas. Mi sitio web es se trata de Webmasters. Por cada articulo interesante que escribas para mi sitio, te dare 25 creditos. Como? pues registrate aqui e inicia session:) luego te vas a tu panel...
  5. Franc0

    Domain Name Problems

    Hello there, well i bought a domain name recently. (yesterday) and its poiting to and i changed my primary account to my new domain. When i go to my domain name. the URL changes to (my old...
  6. Franc0

    Trade ->WaMu $ + $ For PayPal $

    Hello there i need to have money on my paypal but i cant seem to get it, is there anyway i can deposit someone money from my current checking account and you send me paypal money? im willing to give extra $ if its necessary. you tell me, thanks PM me.
  7. Franc0

    Help! Make Cronjob to delete Files older than 3 hours in folder Every 35

    I need a cronjob command to act every 35 minutes to delete all files older than 3 hours in a given directory for example in directory public_html/myfolder/files. Can someone help me ? thanks so much i need this.
  8. Franc0

    Tired of Having an Empty Forum? Fill It with Content! How To- INSIDE!

    Hey guys, well we all worked with forums, i know i have and along time ago. Well simply in a few word starting out a forum can be very but very hard... and boring. Why? Because you put all that effot skinning and chaning colors and modding and ustomizing and modifying your board just to see...
  9. Franc0

    RapidShare Premium Account for 3,500!

    sorry about the other post i went way too overboard. so here we at at 3,500 transaction are made isntantly.
  10. Franc0

    Junk Mail? How no to be..?

    I need to send Emails form my site.. but it gets detected as junk mail and goes to the junk folder in how can i make it go to all the recipients as just normal email so they can read it?
  11. Franc0

    Selling 1 Month RapidShare Premium Account

    For 9,000 Credits.
  12. Franc0

    account suspended for spanish languege ?

    my web got suspended for being in spanish.. but spanish is allowed, confusing, guess is a mistake! right? name: franco8808 web:
  13. Franc0

    Watermarking Images?

    Hi guys in my site i use up alot of images that user submit, i would like to add a watermark, of the logo of my site, just to make sure noone steals these images. Is there any APP that will do this? i heard imagemagick or GD but im not sure how to do this "watermarking process" Any help is...
  14. Franc0

    Unsuspend My Account :| franco88

    Hi, last week my site was suspended for a mistake sisnce they didnt see the ads witch where located on the footer.. now i see it's suspended again. Can you guys please unsuspend it, its a mistake again, i always follow the x10 rules. Thanks. site:
  15. Franc0

    Unsuspension Request for Franc0

    Hey guys, this morning i tried accessing my site, but it said it was suspended, the reason: i didnt have ads, witch i did have the "Text Link ad" placed on the footer. Don't know why it said i didnt, i wished to get this unsuspended because i think it's a mistake. Thanks.
  16. Franc0

    Worst Things a Girl Said to you?

    Damn, i like this girl, and im trying to make her fall in love with me.. but i really think shes going to say "i already like someone else", hope she doesnt say that.. by far the worst thing a girl said to me was.. "We'd be better off friends"
  17. Franc0

    First Date Kiss, Or Later on?

    Because i like this girl and i have asked her out on a date, just to talk, obviusly i will buy her something to drink or eat, and i was thinking giving her a kiss, but its out first date. Oh and BTW she is one of my best friends, i hope she doesnt slap me.
  18. Franc0

    Professional Sitemap Generator Service - Cheap

    Hi all, i will do a sitemap scan on your on your site for unlimited pages for 0.02 X10 credits for page. So for 1000 Pages its 200 credits, and as soon as it finishes i will send you the sitemap.xml or or whatever format you want. All you gotta do is tell me your site, and if you...
  19. Franc0

    Confused :S I need a new procesor, help!

    Hey guys, i wanted to ask you guys a question. Im thinking of building my own PC- no renew this little old PC.. Im planning of getting a core2duo processor but im cofused, see there a store here in Chile, that sell this product CPU ITL C2D E4600 2.4/800/2048/775 Price $...
  20. Franc0

    WTF! Images

    guys post here your WTF! images.. here is one, hope you guys like