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    So.. What does everyone want to do / do for a career?

    Just wanting to see what the population of x10 does / wants to do as a career -- I know i'm going in a completely different direction.. So... vote with the poll and add extra details if you want to!
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    Hey there, Is SQLite enabled on the Free server (Absolut)? Or do I need to upgrade my PHP version? Thanks
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    PHP Module Request (SQLite)

    Hey there, I was wondering if you could install the SQLite extension for PHP, I'd be grateful (Can't use SQLite administrator at college so looking for a remote solution). Or is it on the Expert php (level 3) or is dl() enabled on level 3? Thanks
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    ASP.NET 2.0 Supported?

    Hey guys, coming back now to play with developing :P Do you support ASP.NET 2.0 yet? When I left you were trying to implement it, not sure if you do yet. Thanks
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    Notice About Asp

    As i am currently aware, ASP is NOT SUPPORTED. This is code not related to the dot net framework v1.1 > v2.0. ASPX (ASP.NET) HOWEVER should work. You will however need to post to get it enabled on your account.
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    Someone thoughtfully owns the domain...

    Hey, I have a small problem... i am trying to set as an addon domain... but someone has thoughtfully owned the WHOLE domain... Can Corey/Server Admin unregister that domain so that other users wanting to use those free domains can do so? Cheers Micro
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    Mcrypt on Sustained server.

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function mcrypt_module_open() in /home/leighto/public_html/jotrpbss/enc2.php on line 9 Woops. Can bryon or corey install the mcrypt libraries for PHP on the sustained server? Ty :)
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    Only 1 Cs:s Trial Pass. Get It Now!

    Hey guys, Steam have offered me a free steam game pass for Counter-Strike source, i will give to anyone who can handle the game. PM me with your email address if you want to give it a trial for 3 days. There are 2 to give away, Spartan Erik Has one too (1 off me, 1 off Spartan Erik)
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    Internet Explorer does it again...

    I had to use IE for this download, as Firefox just crashed.... I am on 1mbit ps DSL, my router is connected at 2000kbits ps (Or there abouts -- kbits)... I normally get a 120kbps download... Today, i got 5.95mbytes per second... INSANE considering i should only get 120kbytes per second down...
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    SSL Explorer?????? What the ?! What?
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    What would you prefer?

    Im bored, so here goes. What would you prefer? Also post your decisions on why.
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    Ideas for my website / Forums

    Guys, need some ideas for my website: I was thinking some software reviews, maybe a coiple of my home brew utilities, something like that. What would you like to see?
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    500pts - Fix the problem

    On my site, , if you go to the forum, on Firefox (Netscape / Mozilla browsers also), the forum is messed up with the header too, something that doesnt happen on IE. 500 points to fix the problem :) Micro
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    Rate my Site (Again)

    I redid my site (once again), and so need some people to rate the template and the menu system, to see if it works together. Also need to see if anyone knows how to fix my little forum issue (Click Forums 2 on the menu), that i have where it is all scrunched up in the top (Firefox only!)...
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    Inappropriate Ads

    Well, staff can complain too! :D Seeing as members can be of any age from 13 to 18 (and exceeding those age limits), the ads at the very bottom of the forum (The links), can be extremely inappropriate. I have had, in 5 refreshes, Gay Porn, Gay Relations, Sexy Women, Hot Chicks, etc In my mind...
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    Live Maps

    This is mainly for guys that live in the uk, dunno if guys in the USA and other places will be able to do this. Unlike Google Earth (Or Google Maps), that allow you to have a top down satellite view of your city, etc, Windows Live Maps allows you to have a side on view in all directions. They...
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    Anyone play Joint Operations?

    I am in a clan looking for recruits that play Joint Operations (And have the Expansion, Escalation), so that you can download the IC mod. We are a multi-game clan focusing mainly on Joint Operations, but we also play Delta Force Black Hawk Down 1.2, CS:S (Counter-Strike Source), Empire Earth...
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    Website (Modded SMF/TP)

    Hey guys, just finished my clan site, Take a look, and post some comments here. This is just a heavily modified SMF forum with TinyPortal, but i am proud of it (I took a lot of features out that would muck up the layout and stop abuse from clan members :) )...
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    [REQ] Convert a HTML Template into SMF: TinyPortal compatible -- 1,250 points

    [REQ] Convert a HTML Template into SMF: TinyPortal compatible -- 1,900 points Okies, this might be a little hard (Depending how fast and well it is done, i may well award more points). I would like the theme here: Converted...
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    Moderated Public Uploads

    Ok, i was going to post this in the staff forums, but i thought it might be good for the public to see it too. I was wondering if i could accept uploads on my website, but they are moderated (They only appear when i have gone into admin and clicked ok). How about this corey? Ta