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  1. Scott B

    Review my roads and transportation blog

    Hey guys, I know I haven't been around or a really long time, but I have a new blog and I'd like to get some feedback on it. I just started it last month and it already has quite a bit of content. I'd like to get more viewers, though, so feel free to subscribe. And let me know what you think...
  2. Scott B

    Review my new link-sharing website!

    Hello everyone! I recently started working on a new website called GRYDD. It's not finished yet, but once it's released users will be able to create their own profile with links of their choice. Please browse around the current website (blog & demo page) and sign up for updates if you're...
  3. Scott B

    My upcoming site...

    Hello! :) I'm working on a new site that will be based off of this design, what do you guys think? Thanks!
  4. Scott B

    Mira mi sitio por favor ;)

    Mira mi sitio, por favor :) Estoy aprendiendo español haha Gracias!
  5. Scott B

    My design website :D

    My design website, what do you guys think?
  6. Scott B

    [2 credits]Need customers! :)

    Hey! :D Okay, so I'm about to open up a new design agency, but I'm looking to fill up my portfolio a little more. There are three types of work I need: -website creation and design -simple logo design -advertisment design (print or web) My portfolio will revolve around simple but effective...
  7. Scott B

    look at my design please!!

    This is going to be the design of my upcoming portfolio, what do you think?
  8. Scott B

    Looking for content for my portfolio (FREE design!)

    Hey! :D I'm looking for design projects for my future portfolio. My company revolves around simple, attractive, and effective company identity. This includes websites, print ads, web ads, etc. Post your requirements, and I just might select you for FREE design. Yupp, FREE :P It will also be top...
  9. Scott B

    Interesting proposition, credits and services :)

    Hello peoples, I haven't been on here in forever, maybe some of you remember me?? Anyway, well I have dial-up. :( Yep, its sad. Well I would like to request a rather large piece of software to be downloaded, burned to a DVD and mailed to my house from a very kind and considerate person. :)...
  10. Scott B

    Need experienced coder(s)

    Hello :) I plan to launch a developer resource site sometime next month, and am looking for someone to help me with requests and resources. I am mainly looking for 1-2 experienced PHP coders, but I will also need community staff as well (moderators, etc.). Starting out, staff will probably only...
  11. Scott B

    Does anyone know if this is possible?

    I was wondering if it would be possible to upgrade the CPU in my old eMachines T3990 PC, since my current one can't easily handle what I would like to do on my PC. (My processor is a 3.20 GHz Intel Celeron D). Celeron D seems to use the 478 Socket and the only other processor made for that...
  12. Scott B

    [OFF][2575 credits]Pay me $2

    Hello =\ There is a problem with the credit card attached to my PayPal account and I need $2 to pay off something ASAP. I will give all my credits to the person who can pay me this. The PayPal account is Thanks :)
  13. Scott B


    Hello everyone :biggrin: I am looking for staff for a graphics-design community. Staff positions can be found here: If you are interested, please follow the instructions in that thread =]
  14. Scott B

    [REQ][100 credits]Sign up and post!

    Hello:biggrin: I am offering credits to anyone who signs up and makes one post on either one of my forums: ionGFX - a graphic design community universe:community - a community where you can talk about anything. You...
  15. Scott B

    universe Please take a look at and sign up for my site, but remember that it is still in early development =] Thanks:biggrin:
  16. Scott B

    Building a computer

    Hello:biggrin: At the end of the year, I will probably be building a new computer with birthday money and stuff. I was hoping someone would help me compile a list of good parts. My budget is going to be ~$375-$400, and I will probably just move my old hard drive to my new computer. I will give...
  17. Scott B

    [REQ]"Graphics-sharing" script

    Hello everyone :) I am in need of a PHP script. Details: Users can submit their images and other users can comment on them. -On the main page, there will simply be a list of image titles and who submitted them. -On the view image page, I would like users to be able to see the image, image...
  18. Scott B

    US's declining economy

    I was just watching president Bush's address on the economy, and it was kind of scary. He was saying how if the $700 billion rescue package wasn't applied as soon as possible, that foreclosures WOULD go up, businesses WOULD close, and the country would enter a depression. I'm not saying I...
  19. Scott B

    [OFF]Cheap custom-made web templates

    Hello everyone! I have decided to sell my web design experience here on x10 and offer low-priced web templates and graphics: -Template with copyright - 750 credits -Template without copyright - 1500 credits -Add a logo - 250 credits The copyright says "designed by ion" and links here...
  20. Scott B

    [OFF]Scott's raffle - 100% payout

    Hi:biggrin: I don't recall seeing any of these in a while, and didn't find anything in the rules against it, so I have decided to hold a credit raffle. And to make it even better, I am not profiting at all!:biggrin: Here are the rules: -Entries are 10 credits each, with an unlimited amount of...