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    Help me in sending Email

    Hello I wrote a php script that sends email but the problem is that the email goes to spam folder. Please help me sending email directly in inbox. { # -=-=-=- MIME BOUNDARY $mime_boundary = $sitename.md5(time()); # -=-=-=- MAIL HEADERS...
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    Constructive Review: Top 10 reviewers site will be added to my site

    Address : Please remember it is a mobile web (wap 2.0) site and optimized for mobile phone screen. 10 best reviewers site url will be added to my site.
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    406 Not Acceptable

    My site is a mobile forum(for mobile browser). There is a section where mobile user can share their files max 2mb ( like attachment in desktop browsers forum). But the users can not upload more than 50KB files. If the file exceed 50KB it shows the following messege: Not Acceptable An...
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    Hello, I'm nahid from Bangladesh. I'm new with x10hosting. Nice packages. Thank you. I'm using your adfree package for hosting my mobile wap 2.0 site