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  1. XGI Admin

    100 créditos para aceptar Lockerz invita.

    Tan Im dándole 100 créditos y un Lockerz invitamos GRATIS Todo lo que necesitas hacer es registrador de una cuenta una vez que Recibe la invitación. Sólo pm me your e-mail Lockerz ™ es un sitio web donde usted puede conseguir cosas gratis sólo por entrar y responder a las preguntas diarias...
  2. XGI Admin

    50 Creds to accept lockerz Invites

    I just got accepted into Lockerz and am willing pay anyone to get a invite from me and accept it. To clarify: I will give you a Lockerz invite(for free), you must then check your email and Accept it. I will then check my Lockerz page to see if you accepted it thus paying you 50 creds. :happysad:
  3. XGI Admin

    My Site Gone

    I was inactive on the forums for several weeks; I then saw that my site was suspended and i need to post on forums i post on forums 1 month later and i find my site is completely gone. is there a way i can recover it?
  4. XGI Admin

    Slice my template

    Hello i need someone too make my template, that is currently in picture form, to a site. as you can see i don't have alot of credits, so ill be offering all of my credts + my old site: This is what i want to be sliced:
  5. XGI Admin


    I just got into the coding biz; PHP, CSS, HTML, XHTML, just downloaded Dreamweaver etc. I made a picture in photoshop and was wondering how i could make that into a site. and ideas? :happysad:
  6. XGI Admin

    XGGI | Xero Graphics/Gaming Informer

    It's been a bumpy road, deleting site twice on accident plugins hat screwed the site, messy code, things out of place, the list goes on. Everything is done in my eyes, thats were you come in. Oh btw, the New in Forums thing on the front page has been acting up lately, ill look into that...
  7. XGI Admin

    [REQ] offering 3,000 credits for phpBB template transparency.

    Hello, i need some help with my phpBB3 style. I need the areas where the arrows are pointing to completely transparent. The backgrounds basically. Here's an image the area's that should be transparent. If someone wants to do this for me, Just request what html files you need, and ill give it...
  8. XGI Admin

    [delete account]

    I accidently deleted the public_html folder ... deleted my whole site. endless hours gone in seconds. Im not going to continue so please delete my hosting account only not my forums account my hosting.
  9. XGI Admin

    SQL Databases Deleted

    i logged in to my C-Panel 7 mins ago and found all of my MySQL Databases were deleted somehow.... The last time i edited my site was somewhere about 10 p.m. Oct. 11th and i do recall accessing my SQL databases with Jfusion i dont know if that is the cause though. But my question is, is there a...
  10. XGI Admin help

    I made a acount just now but when i go to my site using the url i get the following and i want it to go away. favicon At the top it says: XGI | XeroGraphics/Gaming Informer - Powered by also if anyone can tell me: how to manage my DNS (server name) and Zone Records...
  11. XGI Admin

    [off]Logo Shop!

    I've noticed that there have been several threads requesting logo's. So i decided to make a logo shop giving fellow x10 members a one stop shop. You can request logo's of anyhow but not a logo of a human or any creature. I pre-make logo's whenever i can and add them to this thread. Molt...
  12. XGI Admin

    Error: sites going down

    I have already noticed that somebody has posted a thread on this but the site will not let me reply.... but anyway a few minutes ago when i refreshed x10hosting forums i got something like this: error connected to my sql. home/corey/public_html/something else and when i try to access my...
  13. XGI Admin

    [1,500 credits] PHP BB style/template

    Hello all, I need a new phpBB style or templated that matches my site the most. transparency will help the only things that is not needed is not needed is a banner -no banner- thanks. The best template will be chosen by me +REP for all entries. link to my site forums -...
  14. XGI Admin

    X10 Hosting - Server Status Script

    Is it possible to make an active streaming java script, of the X10 hosting Server Status? If it is and if someone can make it for me move this to the market place.
  15. XGI Admin

    C-panel username/password [Request]

    Due, to the fact that my c-panel account got hacked a month ago i haven't returned to it since. I forgot my c panel password, but i think my c-panel username is: xero The only information I can give to you off the back of my mind is. Ad-free account Intermediate PHP (i think) C-panel username...
  16. XGI Admin

    Playstation: HOME

    Anyone have an absolute date when it will be out?...
  17. XGI Admin

    SITE: Uable to find MySQL Database

    i recently forgot my password to my site, so i changed the password. i go back to my site and it tells me: "Database Error: Unable to connect to the database:Could not connect to MySQL" so i changed the password of my MySQL user and made it the same corresponding to what i changed it to. Still...
  18. XGI Admin

    C-Panel Password - Forgotten

    I haven't managed my site in quite some time and i have forgoten my c panel password... Here is all the information i can give you about my account. -C-Panel Username: Xero -Forums Username: XGI Admin -Primary Domain: -Hosting Type: Ad-Free -Advertisement: None Required...
  19. XGI Admin

    [REQ][400 - 800 points]Proffesional Designing Needed!

    I need someone to take away the login module i dont want there to be an area to login on my forums at-all, So i need someone to do that and also change the color of a few things, if you want to do it for me please state it in a post. Or if you can make me a completely different phpBB3 style i...
  20. XGI Admin

    DNS Offline/ Slow Website

    I haven't managed my site in awhile and i noticed that my DNS is offline, and my website is very slow... I was wondering if there was any help.