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  1. warlordste

    shopping cart customer can customise products

    am looking for a free or affordable shopping cart where the customer can customise there product with there logo or size or even change the text on a product is there any shopping cart that could offer this?
  2. warlordste

    Javascript on change event

    Hi guys how you all doing i was wondering if anyone could give me abit of help I have a form for a quote system where the person can request for the item to be delivered or picked up which i have set in a list box with yes and no as the values i was wondering how can i get it so if it changes to...
  3. warlordste

    what game should i buy for the xbox 360 and why?

    hey i want a new game for the xbox i got the cash just can't decide on the game can you help me choose what game would you get and why???:dunno:
  4. warlordste

    review my site

    hi i created this site for my girlfriends father and i would like to know how i could make it better??? the site is
  5. warlordste

    is this possible

    hey guys i was wondering is there a way i can get a certain bit of infomation from a website like a name or price that i can upload onto may website without hunting for it my self all the time these change over time as well the name and the price varys all the time at the moment i am doing it...
  6. warlordste

    link counter

    I was wondering if theres a script or somthing that will keep track on how many times a link has been clicked i need this for many links and have no idea where to start looking any help would be great thanks :D
  7. warlordste

    30 credits writing reviews and previews

    hey i was wondering if they was intressted in writing reviews and previews for games and films for my site you can even write walkthoughs all the credit goes to you writing it but it has to be your own work don't go copy reviews out there if you put who you want you name to go on the review just...
  8. warlordste

    installing drupal problems

    hey i was wondering can anyone help me i am trying to install drupal on my x10hosting site and i get these errors when trying to connect to my sql i was wondering what might cause it and how to fix it Warning: fopen(./sites/default/default.settings.php) [function.fopen]: failed to open...
  9. warlordste

    fill this out please

    hey guys can you please fill this questionaire out for my imedia project thanks for doing me such a big favor
  10. warlordste

    1000 credits to create this php script

    I would like these questionnaire filled in and the answers to be stored into a my sql database and a way to view the database please i will give 1,000 credits i will give 1,500 if its done by 3 pm gmt time Games Questionnaire Name Age Gender MaleFemale What type of consoles do...
  11. warlordste

    mu online

    just wonderd does ani one play this game i used to and am thinking bout getting back into it just wonderd if ani one else plays it?
  12. warlordste

    what do you think about the psp?

    hey guys not herd much talk about the psp just wonderd what do you guys think about it i like the psp for the hand held console just beacuse there graphics are alright the batt last for ages and you can turn it offabnd carry on from where you was up to am stuck on the prince of persia though i...
  13. warlordste

    wooo passed my ccna

    Hey hope you all have a great day. Just passed my CCNA wooo :biggrin:
  14. warlordste

    not having a good weekend

    i don't know why just fed up and need to moan about it so i thought i would do it on x10 i having a rubbish weekend i lost my phone on the bus and all them memorys i have like messages and pictures are gone i didn't get much sleep last night had to work over time today found out my wage has...
  15. warlordste

    what are your plans for christmas and new year?

    hey guys just wonderd what you lot are doing for christmas and new year am not doing nothing this year and just wonderd what my fellow x10 users are doing?
  16. warlordste

    free video editing

    hey i was wondering what is the best free and easy to use video editing software the reason why i need to know is i have little time to look for a software and i need to get this video edited and then burnt for christmas so any suggestions would be grateful thanks :D
  17. warlordste


    hey guys am doing this at college i was just wondering do any one else dose this corse
  18. warlordste

    delphi 7

    hey am new to using delphi 7 and i want to create a gaming ladder accessible by my websites sql database and where i can control the data by website and the delphi program has any one got any ideas on how i would do this cheers guys
  19. warlordste

    happy halloween

    hey guys not gonna be on tomoz so i just thought ad wish every one here at x10 a happy halloween hope you don't get to scared :P
  20. warlordste

    what you think of this guy what you think of im not my type of music but me gf nagging me about im so i thought ad turn to the tursty friends on x10 and get there opion on im lol :P so yer what u think????