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  1. josephilipraja

    I cant access my account i get 406 not acceptable error..

    hi, i cant access my account.. its not suspended. i get a page saying the following : Please help me out....... my account details username rajasoft Main Domain Hosting package Advanced Server Name stoli Shared Ip...
  2. josephilipraja

    Cant open cpanel.. (2082)

    hello sir, i cant open my cpanel.. :dunno: its : i get this error message : " can't establish a connection to the server at" my username : rajasoft account type : Free - Advanced please help me.. :dunno: am waiting.
  3. josephilipraja

    Random Offers For Users

    What about issuing new random offers to every users who post anything new?? It will encourage them.. What do you think??
  4. josephilipraja

    Can't retrieve account informations error HELP ME!

    Hello there!:happysad: When i tried to login to my account i get this responce "An Error Has Occurred:rant2: Although you've logged in successfully, there was an error retrieving your account's hosting type from the backend system. Please post on our forums to seek support on this issue."...