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  1. pizza51

    Vending Machine (Game)

    You get an audio cd with something on it. I insert a baby iguana.
  2. pizza51

    Corrupt A Wish Season 2

    Granted. It'll come with Dead or Alive 4 but will lack the office package instead. I wish i had a day off work tomorrow.
  3. pizza51

    Fine Online Flash Game

    Hi, ppl. I like a lot to play flash games on the web. Althrough simple they are many times addictive. The point of the topic is everyone put a link to good flash game you've liked to share with the community. I'm playing right now Elona Shooter...
  4. pizza51

    Word Association

  5. pizza51


    Just use wordpress. It is good and has multiple themes and plugins.
  6. pizza51


    It should be. Host has mysql, php and all stuff necessary.
  7. pizza51


    Hi, I'm new to the forum. Plan to build a blog on philosophy, politics nad overall stuff once my account is activated.