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    Unable to access hosting account

    Hi, I'm unable (have never been able to on this one - previous one was deleted for inactivity) to log into my hosting account. I've tried resetting it a couple times, but it hasn't worked.
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    x10hosting as a subdomain & .htaccess

    I was thinking that it sounded strange... thanks for clarifying that part :). How would it be done with different domains under the same account?
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    x10hosting as a subdomain & .htaccess

    I'll have to see if I can explain what I'm doing clearly enough with random domain names and such. I'm trying to figure out some DNS/domain concepts. I know the basics, but I haven't done much with sub-domains. It's theoretical to see what's possible. I also know that I can just have all...
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    fractalfeline: I'm somewhat tempted to move to the Netherlands now XD. And good points :) (Stuff is fragmented but meh, not in the mood for writing an essay) Anyway, when this gets brought up elsewhere, a lot of people who seem pretty "Yeah, well, I know everything about the bill :|" seem to...
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    Post your specs

    2 GHz Intel Core2 Duo 2 GB RAM GeForce 8400M GS Vista Home Premium System says that it's a Pavilion dv6500 but the label on the laptop says 6000 :P
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    Account Panel and Signups

    Lotus Server I can't access File Manager (just keeps saying "Loading data..." then "Data error." when it times out). Trying FTP access with FileZilla results in Error: Connection timed out Error: Could not connect to server I also can't view FTP Accounts; it just never loads past 'Add FTP...
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    Development Package

    can only use x10hosting there :P
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    Development Package

    Thanks, though it has left something unanswered, though, actually >.> ___.exofire . net wouldn't get accepted and putting in something random would = support ticket delay, I'd think
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    Development Package

    A couple questions: Since the offer is expiring, if we buy the dev. package, what happens when the one year is up? Can we renew it, or will we have to pick another paid/go back to free? Domain Options: If we already have a site, is it possible to keep our current address/get it redirected...
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    Important Poll Regarding Disk Space

    I'd go with more diskspace, though I don't really need it, but I backup things myself, so there's less of a need for it to be done then. Anything that may help uptime is good :P I guess that it could suck for people running elaborate databases and such, but I'd assume that they'd be backing up...
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    Away-from-computer suspension issues

    Tickets have to be started in the Free Hosting forum. See . Are you saying that you often have computer problems where you won't have access to a computer at all for two weeks? The two options are either...
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    I basically agree with what mac173 wrote. People aren't perfect, so it doesn't work. If people were to be perfect, they'd probably be pretty similar, which would be absurdly boring from my current point of view. It's already obvious from group projects, whether at work or in school; you'll...
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    Why Opera is not So popular being the coolest browser?

    I didn't vote, because I use them for different purposes. :P I use Firefox the most often due to all the extensions. If Opera were like that, I'd probably go for Opera. Still, a lot of the "new" (or were new a while ago) Firefox extensions are just borrowing from what Opera has had around...
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    Lagging of updates in website

    O.o I'm surprised that no one's answered, yet. How much longer does it take when it slows down (other than the yesterday one), and when it slows down, have you already been doing a lot of editing? Using 'Edit' in File Manager should always give you a confirmation as well, so do you mean that...
  15. W Vs Pandora

    mm, I'm not sure that I should even be posting here if I haven't used both a lot :P. Anyway, when I was poking around on a friend's account on Pandora, it didn't seem particularly great. I've used a bit, and it seemed okay, so I suppose that I'll pick that one for the purposes of this...
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    Upcoming Free Support Changes

    I suppose that I'm posting a bit late, but it might be a good idea to have a disclaimer somewhere for the person submitting the ticket. For stuff like "zomg, don't know where paid hosting is," there's not too much harm in a wrong answer, but if someone, for whatever reason, tells someone who...
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    Latest Update - News Response

    What I'll usually do to check if HTTP is working is to just go to My site's on absolut, of course :P Seems like my site has been down since last night - not sure, though.
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    please rate my website

    You're looking for Review My Site, not free hosting support >_>
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    Would you give up cPanel for better uptime?

    If it remains as it is, I'm fine with keeping cPanel and sacrificing some reliability. If it'd end up like when it was with the upgrades, then cPanel needs to be gone >_>. Other than support usually being great, cPanel is probably the main reason that I've been staying with x10's free hosting...
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    Wow what's my cpanel information?

    A few things to check... Are you logging in at to check things? Once you login, you'll see all of your account information. Is the right half of the Username- line blank? When everythingis set up properly, it'll also show your cPanel URL further down, just above usage...