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  1. borntyping

    Double a free acount

    On the account panel, it has an an ad to 'double everything' in your free hosting account. How much would you get from doing this, how long does it last, and would that then make it a 'paid' account?
  2. borntyping

    PHP: Running code from string.

    I am working on a script that will take a text file and convert it to styled html. What I want to do is run php code from inside the file. The string will be something like this: <?php $str = "<div>Some HTML <?php echo 'some...
  3. borntyping

    Cpanel not working

    I can't load the cpanel on Any idea why?
  4. borntyping

    Hi all!

    ;) Hi all, I'm borntyping or Ziaix. Making a second site for some of my projects, as the *paid* hosting I'm using seems to have forrgotten php has updated to php5 :nuts: x10Hosting looks really good for a free hosting, and far better than the others I've used (Althought I've only just...