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  1. Toffmonster

    Requires Staff 2FA codes invalid, possibly wrong server time?

    The problem is back again: server time is over 1 minute ahead of the actual time, which causes 2FA codes to fail.
  2. Toffmonster

    Error code E2DFFF3A0A7274266

    Good to know. Thank you for the info and the quick fix, the login is working now. :)
  3. Toffmonster

    Error code E2DFFF3A0A7274266

    Same as other users here, I get the error E2DFFF3A0A7274266 when trying to log in through, however I can log in just fine using I hope logging in through x12 counts as inactivity reset, otherwise would appreciate your help in...
  4. Toffmonster

    Requires Staff 2FA codes invalid, possibly wrong server time?

    Just in case you need any additional info. When I test a 2FA code using the Control Panel's "Test Code" feature it gives me the following error:
  5. Toffmonster

    Current DirectAdmin sign in issues

    inter135 Yours should be
  6. Toffmonster

    Requires Staff 2FA codes invalid, possibly wrong server time?

    Update: I have now confirmed that the reason for failing 2FA codes is the server time being 1 minute ahead of the actual time (luckily, server time is displayed at the bottom of the login page). Moving my system time 1 minute forward generated a valid code. I suggest you to sync server time...
  7. Toffmonster

    Requires Staff 2FA codes invalid, possibly wrong server time?

    Hello, I can't seem to log in to my forum or my cPanel where I have 2FA enabled. Both sites show codes as incorrect. Everything was working fine before. Is it because the server time is not properly synced? I have 1 last login attempt to my cPanel and I would like to know when this problem will...
  8. Toffmonster

    Can't log in to DirectAdmin or my site. Works with a VPN

    Sorry to bother you again, but could you, please, unblock my IP one more time? Couldn't remember my mail password, and found no way to reset it or change it through DirectAdmin. Ended up blocking myself again. Guess I'll just stop trying anymore.
  9. Toffmonster

    Can't log in to DirectAdmin or my site. Works with a VPN

    Thank you very much! :) Gotta be more careful with Outlook now.
  10. Toffmonster

    Can't log in to DirectAdmin or my site. Works with a VPN

    Hello! I think my IP was blocked for failed login attempts (not sure about it though) when I was trying to add my mail accounts to Outlook. Getting timeout errors since yesterday. Tried with a VPN and it worked. Could you, please, look into it? I'm on x12. Thank you in advance.
  11. Toffmonster

    Resolved SSL Certificate from CPanel

    I'm on, and I have Secure SSL enabled. It used to work fine but now it's expired. Searching the forum revealed that X10 no longer uses Cpanel SSL certificates. What are my options now? I tried disabling SSL, but when I reenable it the expired Cpanel certificate appears again.
  12. Toffmonster

    Cloudflare doesn't work

    Hello, I've been having a weird issue with Cloudflare on my account. Whenever I click "Manage" for any of my websites, nothing happens. When I load a Cloudflare Overview page, the Console shows a lot of 404 errors, as well as an Uncaught TypeError whenever I try to click any of the "Manage"...
  13. Toffmonster

    Out of disk space error, can't access my website / CPanel

    Edit: Seems to be working again now. Could be a temporary bug or something. Hello. I suddenly got out of disk space error while copying one extension to my forum. I proceeded to delete it and some extra styles I had, but the error persists. [phpBB Debug] PHP Warning: in file...
  14. Toffmonster

    Automatic suspension removal stuck

    Working now, thank you very much! :)
  15. Toffmonster

    Automatic suspension removal stuck

    My account was suspended for inactivity. There seems to have been some kind of lag with x10hosting when I tried to automatically unsuspend it and now it's stuck on the message that we're removing the suspension for half a day already. Help, please? Thank you in advance.
  16. Toffmonster

    403 Forbidden

    Seems like it's because of this rule set it's impossible to fill a "website" profile section on my forums, and entering http:// in any of the profile fields gives the above error. Hope this gets fixed soon.
  17. Toffmonster subdomain doesn't work

    Thank you very much for your help, works fine now. :)
  18. Toffmonster subdomain doesn't work

    Hello. I am on Absolut, and my forum at stopped working after the server update, it now redirects to default homepage. I checked my .htaccess files, they seem to be correct. Is this a known problem and is there a solution for it? Thanks.
  19. Toffmonster

    Cloudflare - No or invalid host_key

    I can no longer configure CloudFlare through cPanel. Whenever I click CloudFlare icon I get the following error message instead: "No or invalid host_key." Nothing else is present on the page, just this message. Hope this can be fixed. Thank you in advance.
  20. Toffmonster

    Can't modify .htaccess in public_html folder

    Thank you very much, I confirm it's working now.