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    Please view my new site if this i didn't create it,it's from the script...
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    Please view my new site

    original kangaroo image? P.s also we need staff,if anyone is interest pm me or post in this theard(helping users,for questions and problems,i'm only hosting master)
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    Please view my new site

    Thanks for suggestion and do you like to be my staff?i will give 350 credits,adn you are currecly working on the banner i will give +200 so =550 credits :)
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    Please view my new site

    I'm hosting dedicated servers in my computer,so my site is the support center and form to request.Isn't used by x10hosting resources,don't worry.MY servers are host on 50 MBPS connection.Please check my website
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    Need script(Pay 750 credits)

    for first please try please and then subdomain Edit: anyone please Edit: Ok found it I will close the theard No winner...
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    Offering ads on my website

    it's included text link only?
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    Easy 50 Credits

    added it
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    Advertise On my website!

    I fixed now it's ok but site is not ready please add it i will create today my site
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    Need good Company Name! (300 CREDITS!)

    why you are move these details public..Please anyone moderator protect this password
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    Advertise On my website!

    i sent for text banner:)10 credits 2 hours ago i can't it sorry but now i'm sending Link:
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    Advertise On my website!

    I will take one please pm me because i have no time at this moment
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    Need script(Pay 750 credits)

    . you will get credits when you found some script(free forum hosting script)
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    Need script(Pay 750 credits)

    no it will be install some mods by me and users can use it..smilar thing and to templates and languages Edit: sorry i didn;t understand you could you please re-tell again
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    Need script(Pay 750 credits)

    i want script smillar like forum hosting) Users singup and him address is or subdomain
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    Get a free Domain Name ( for life

    Yeah i used and it's super service
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    Need script(Pay 750 credits)

    Hello i need script like or have tryed to search but isn't installing in my website.I like to open free forum hosting company Thanks Credits will be payed to person who is finding best script.I will see all yours script all of posters who have posted on this...
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    Do you playing

    I'm playing and it's good game,verry good game,it's made by php script and likes game free lancer If you have questons ask me here Thanks Nikolasr
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    I'm selling accounts for 700 credits per acc

    I'm selling one link removed account and link removed account The cost is:700 credits per account Thanks and sorry if i'm wrong Nikolasr
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    Your name on taskbar

    Heres a trick to add up ur name in place of AM and PM beside time and make urself to feel proud among ur group of frnds. Its simple Start -> Control Pannel -> Regional and LAnguage option -> Customize (beside English US) -> Go to TIME tab -> Change AM symbol and PM symbol from AM and PM to ur...
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    Banner request

    Hello i like to request to someone to create banner for my "MKTorrent Portal".So create i will pay 560 credits..So let's start In the picture put text MKTorrent Portal - The best Torrent Portal Size:468*60. And on the bottom put the link Thanks and i really need it...