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    2500 usd for a mexican baby

    I'm very angry, there are an infamous day, June 4 of 2009, 47 babies died in a fire, when the day child care center burn to ashes, the building is unsafe, and was operating against any safety rule, the emergency exits was locked, or worse, a couple of them, its just fake painted doors... How...
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    Bringing back to life an old Pentium III

    Like Frankenstein's revival, I just started a new proyect, My old Pentium III machine has reached their final, so in a wastre of time, I bringing new life, new PCI USB connectors, a general cleanup, new mouse and keyboard, external memory, and Xubuntu, when I complete the refit I tell you guys...
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    The right to use weapons

    I'm living in Mexico, the loony dictator in turn, has raised the taxes up to the 50%, terminated many jobs, and put the country in almost bankrupcy, the criminals runs the streets, even if a crime is goin on, the police never arrives, until the shoot is on, the smallest street gang has automatic...
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    Snowball war, what is your favorite hobbie?

    The snow is falling, its time to some fun, my favorite hobby is scale model construction, ships and planes, most of the USN in the Second World War, but my absolute favorite is the F-4 Phantom. When the roads are covered, I tun my Youtube channel, get my paint,. models and brushes, put a...
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    Alerta Fraude Nigeriano

    A los que se dedican a comercio electronico, alerta, se esta propagando un tipo de fraude, a mi me lo intentaron hacer asi que les paso la metodologia de los delincuentes: 1o Compran un articulo caro, y te dicen que es urgente 2o Pagan con cheque 3o Piden que lo envies urgentemente 4o El envio...
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    Cantidad contra calidad

    Hola Diseño webs con la intencion de traer informacion de todo tipo, del ingles al español, son tantos los temas en que simplemente no hay informacion en nuestro idioma, lo que deja a mucha gente en la ignorancia total, he hecho sitios particularmente de ciencia, tecnologia, matematicas...