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    Archived from 503 error thread

    Hi, none of my files are there. sombilla is the domain. Same as the poster hove, I do see empty folders. Thank you.
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    Address for public_html

    Never mind. I figured it out. I was using the wrong port. I'm all set.
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    Address for public_html

    Hi, I am using CoreFTP to access my site. My laptop died and now I am setting up CoreFTP again. When I log into it, it takes me to and I have no way to get to the public_html subdirectory where all my files are. I used to be able to log directly into that subdirectory. Any...
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    Is x10 down?

    It's fine now. Not sure what the issue was, but thank you for responding. X10 rocks!
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    Is x10 down?

    Hi, I cannot access my website I have religiously logged into the account portal a few times a month so that's not it. Is something going on with x10? Thank you.
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    Reports for web traffic?

    Hi, is there a way to see or create reports that show how many users clicked on my website and its pages per month? I did not see anything in cPanel, but I may have missed it.
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    Sport News, Hot Tips, Statistic Blog

    Presumably because if you use it for the gambling tips, you will make money.
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    Posting in forum once a month

    So my last post was a week ago, yet my account is suspended???!!! Posting once a week is not enough? ---------- Post added at 04:15 PM ---------- Previous post was at 04:12 PM ---------- I just unsuspended my account by following the links and logging in. But I guess posting in the forums...
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    Posting in forum once a month

    That doesn't make sense. What exactly are you asking?
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    Posting in forum once a month

    As noted above, quickly logging in to the forums is not enough. You have to post in a thread or visit the account portal once a month. I have set up a monthly reminder on my iPhone to do this. :)
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    Posting in forum once a month

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    Hell I'd pole dance anywhere for a million dollars. For a million dollars would you remove used chewing gum from a public urinal with your hands tied behind your back using only your teeth?
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    Posting in forum once a month

    Maybe there could be a thread just for people to do their once a month posting. :biggrin:
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    Droid Razr or iPhone 4S?

    Because of Siri. For long(70 minute) commutes, it can read my e-mails to me, dictate my responses, give me traffic updates, download podcasts etc, all by voice command. This is a game changer. So it reallly comes down to Siri vs 4G.
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    Droid Razr or iPhone 4S?

    Well, considering I am the only person without a smartphone right now, I am not waiting until next year. :)
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    Droid Razr or iPhone 4S?

    I will be getting a new phone this month. Siri intrigues me, but the Razr is faster. Still can't decide between these two. Any opinions?
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    What is your favorite Songs/Artists?

    REM, B52s, Tom Petty, Foofighters
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    President in a box

    I thought this thread was a criticism of Obama...
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    Apple iPhone 4S

    I have heard great things about Siri. Much as I'd prefer a Droid, I dont think the Droid software is up to where Siri is. I am due for a phone upgrade next week and would love a phone I could dictate e-mails and tasks to while driving. And ask about traffic and anything else.
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    Do I have the correct url?

    Hi I uploaded a test file via FTP successfully to my public_html directory, but am not seeing it out there. Is my URL simply ? Thank you, Arnie Pollinger