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  1. no2nsa

    Requesting some help please :)

    Anyone who knows about Wordpress please could you help me out here. I've installed a new theme and when I view the homepage I'm getting this error code. Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 67108864 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 72 bytes)...
  2. no2nsa

    The MySQL server is currently offline.

    Receiving this in MySQL Databases section: The mysql server is offline.
  3. no2nsa

    Switched to cPanel not working

    Switched to cPanel and blank page with a number 1 appears on it. Could i get some support please.
  4. no2nsa

    WordPress problem

    Ever since the Migration has happened my current wordpress theme has stopped working. It worked before the Migration but straight after it kept showing a blank page. I first thought the MySQL Problem x10hosting was having caused it but then I realized i was still able to enter my wp-admin.php...
  5. no2nsa

    Transferring an old email account to a new email account Cpanel

    WILL DO STEP BY STEP IMAGE GUIDE SOON :) This was written up quickly so people could learn the basics but I'm currently editing the images for the step by step guide. How to: First you would have to create a new email account that you plan to transfer all the current old emails and account...
  6. no2nsa

    Advertisements For x10Hosting

    I'm curious if anyone has created an x10hosting advertisement or x10hosting has already created any advertisements that I can put onto my website so I'm able to advertise for you guys. I'm looking for either .Gif images that move with different offers or any .PNG images that have been made by...
  7. no2nsa

    WordPress Blog Unable to load.

    I've locked my website to the public for now until this has been resolved but my main domain is working but is unable to access when I visit the page. It just leaves a blank white page and takes awhile to load. None of the files have been removed or modified...
  8. no2nsa

    Best Wordpress Backup Solution?

    I'm Looking for a FREE Database & WordPress Backup Plugin. Please could someone hand me some good advice and useful Information on how the best way to backup my website. I'm worried that the plugins I download to backup my website might not backup the things I need and only backup specific...
  9. no2nsa

    Really need Your help, my stupidity failed me.