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  1. Patrick.B

    What do you use?

    Hello ! I wonder who of you uses a local web server before you upload your code? What type of machine you use (make and model) to make it a local host server? What kind of OS do you use ..?
  2. Patrick.B

    local web server

    Hi ! Here is a way to have a copy of php.ini ? I use wamp (all in one web server solution) and I'm building the code and test trough wamp and after pass test, upload on x10, but for the first time in a script run perfectly on X10, but some problems on local area. I suspect the php.ini file on...
  3. Patrick.B

    CronJobs help

    Hi X10 ! -Solved, sorry for inconvenience. Thank's in advance.
  4. Patrick.B

    FTP issue

    Hi X10, 1) I can log-in my FTP account without problems, but at the point of try entering in folder, I get a Connection time out. FTP Logs; 2) With the same login infos, i'm not able to connect on SFTP (port:22) but i'm able to connect via FTP, FTPES without problems, is normal I can't pass...
  5. Patrick.B

    About image limit

    Hi X10, Actually I'm building a cooking website, it's my own handmade code. I want to set a limit of 10 image per recipe, but the recipe count can goes up very fast, or not, I don't know the future. So, I have perform a search on forum to check the image limitation and if user get problem's...
  6. Patrick.B

    [Resquest] Entry Processes

    Hi X10 ! Actually I'm working on a website and browse to find bugs and check if all rights. I'm the only one can access the website due to .htaccess block all IP, except my, and somestimes I can get the "reach limit ressources". I have check in my cPanel and seem to be from the Entry...
  7. Patrick.B


    Hi X10, Actually my account seem to be suspended, I don't have receive any mail, when I log into my X10 Panel, no notice. I log into panel few time in the same day, inactivity is impossible, and I follow the ToS properly.
  8. Patrick.B

    Send form get forbidden

    Hi X10 :) ! Actually i'm building a php form send to MySQL, and when i'm trying to test, sometimes I receive a Forbidden error. So, I have search how this came from, and at this point, i'm not sure. This error is intermitted and only depending on wich words I insert in the forms. I try to do...
  9. Patrick.B


    Hi everyone ! Here is my special request, if is possible to open firewall to connect to an external fix IP, with this I will be able to connect to my remote vps. If is it possible, just answer here and I will give the IP and port to open. Thank's in advance x10 ! *reason: is to be able to...
  10. Patrick.B

    [Question] About subdomain

    Hi ! A Question with a big "Q", lol. Actually I have buy an domain ".com" in my premium account and setup to works with my free account. This work well, but force me to use one of my two subdomain in cPanel, so I have buy my domain with x10premium, can I have a special permission to have...
  11. Patrick.B

    Unable to login in cPanel

    Hi again here, I have a second problem, couple of week sometimes i'm able and other times not able to login in cPanel of X10 free, but today, it's impossible to me to login cPanel. Always got this generic error; An Error Was Encountered The action you have requested is not allowed.
  12. Patrick.B

    can't reach domain

    Hi X10 ! Dont have change any setting in cPanel couple weeks ago. I have quick check config and all seem to be okay. I got the error "ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED." when trying to reach, but when try to get by the free subdomain, website works. My domain...
  13. Patrick.B

    [Request] Change main domain

    Hi ! I would want to change the main domain of my account, I have buy couple month ago a domain name with X10premium and transfert, so I can let the old domain for other users. actual primary domain: planetcuisine[DOT]x10host[DOT]com New domain: planeterecettes[DOT]com If is necessary, you...
  14. Patrick.B

    Transfert own domain anytime..

    Hello ! I have an X10premium account and I have buy a domain to transfert in x10 free couple month ago .. all working fine. Today I buy a second domain in my premium account and transfert here .. all process is successfully complete ! But .. a question comes in my head ... If another user of...
  15. Patrick.B

    What's the difference

    Hello :) I'm an old member of X10Premium ... for money reason I have transfert to X10Hosting Free, in my Panel (free) I can see somes upgrade, the last upgrade say's: All Prime Upgrade features included. Guranteed 99%+ uptime. Separate, lower density web hosting servers. Moderately long staff...