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  1. Sanosuke

    What is up with Stoli...

    I've been a member of x10hosting for about 8-9 months now. The first few months with Stoli were great, and there was rarely any downtime. But ever since summer until now, there has been consistent downtime with Stoli. I mean I know that you guys have repeatedly told us why Stoli has been acting...
  2. Sanosuke

    Site Alignment on Internet Explorer

    Hey everybody, My site is currently having an issue with Internet Explorer where the entire homepage would be aligned to the left. It looks perfectly fine on Firefox or Safari, but on IE, it is a mess. The thing is that I do not understand why the problem is only occurring for the home page...
  3. Sanosuke

    New Site. Any advice or feedback? I hope it looks nice. There's really not much for me to explain. :happysad: Advice or feedback would be nice.
  4. Sanosuke

    Support Chat not working?

    I don't know if it's only me, but it seems that I can never connect into the support chat anymore. It's been a few months, and I keep getting the same message. Unable to connect : : Connection timed out: connect Is there something that I did not know of...
  5. Sanosuke

    Stoli currently down?

    I would just like to inform you guys that Stoli has been down for about an hour or so. Hope you fix it. :happysad: Edit: Stoli's back up now. Thank you.
  6. Sanosuke

    Account suspended numerous times for High Server Usage

    First off, I just want to say that the service here so far is incredible. I've been trying to go into the Support Chat Room, but somehow I cannot make a connection. Anyways, lately I've been getting 2-3 suspensions for: High server resource usage. I have not touched the CPanel for the past...
  7. Sanosuke

    Hikki Station <--- Review/Give Advice?

    Hikki Station This site has been up since September 2007. It is my first website, and so far, I have gotten 65,000+ visitors. My site is mainly just dedicated to my favorite Japanese music artist, Utada Hikaru, but I have no audio/video content. Mainly, it only has the latest info/news on her...
  8. Sanosuke

    Just a quick question about domain/text.

    First of all, I just want to say what a fantasic service you have here. I am enjoying using it so far. Anyways, to the questions: 1. I have added a domain to my site here. Does it usually take around a day or two before it can be up? Currently, I cannot access...