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    Runescape-Good or Boring?

    Runescape was ok... as long as you pay, other than that its really lame. Also, almost every rpg in the world is better.
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    New bass

    I wanted to get a new bass, anyone know if its hard to go from a 4 string to an 8 string?
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    what game should i buy for the xbox 360 and why?

    Ummm lets see. Racing: Forza 3 First person shooter: Cod:MW2 or Halo:Reach (depending on preferences) RPG: Oblivion (if you dont already have it) Action: Bayonetta Other notable mentions: Mass Effect 2, Bioshock 2, AVP Italics means not out yet. [EDIT] forgot about AVP
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    Game: Ban the Person above you!!!!!!!!!!!

    banned for banning people without being a mod
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    What the best way of dealing with online idiots?

    Start spitting out random memes, and southpark references. but seriously, ignoring doesnt work, it gives the person a sense of victory
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    Register for Synplicity! 25c

    I dont understand why anyone would every use on of these:( Hard drive space is dirt cheap, and this uses precious bandwidth
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    [15 Credits] Fill out my quick ISP survey

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    Which is best free forum software? PHPBB3,SMF,AEF,XMB,Mybb

    SMF was the first forum i ever made. I liked it. It was fast, easily customizable, does what i needed it to, and free!
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    How to earn more swagbucks

    This is a tutorial on how to make maximum winnings out of swagbucks. For those who don't know, swagbucks is a website where you can search through them, and win points redeemable for prizes. If you dont have one, you should sign up. My referral Swag Store And for those that...
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    Education - What Needs to Be Done?

    I should have clarified that. By intelligence, i meant a combination of grades and ability to give strong thoughtful arguments over a point that they have. [EDIT] but then again, grades dont say very much. you can be very lazy, and not achieve the grades that you know should be achieved. I...
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    Education - What Needs to Be Done?

    -i am a freshman honors student at de la salle high school so my opinion might be a little biased I was talking about the problem of motivation with my friends mom today on my ride home from school. anyways, i brought up a point about how the poorer the person, the less they try in school. so I...
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    2000th post party

    This post is my 1% to 2k post and congrats on ur dedication
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    Time for a Real Debate

    Here is my analysis: Banks give unfair loans People agree to these loans without reading the contract people can't pay back the loans Banks suffer because they are out billions of dollars in unpayed loans Government decides to use tax payer money to give the banks a loan further pushing our...
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    20 credits to Register

    signed up as dj0wns
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    Get 10 credits for 5 second work

    dude ur site loaded hella quickly, so i voted yes
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    Visa gift card for 43 pts

    yup, i HATE paypl soo much, but i have $30 that i prolly wont be able to use for like 3 more years [EDIT] I might go see if my local CVS sells them... i really hope they do
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    Visa gift card for 43 pts

    how would i give them money? over paypal? i guess, i could give them the reamainder after buying gmod, but, i wouldnt trust some random person i met over the internet to give my 4ish dollars after i give him the info
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    Visa gift card for 43 pts

    i have $30 on my paypla acc, and i cant do anything with it. *sigh*
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    Visa gift card for 43 pts

    Visa gift card for 49 pts && $4 I need a visa gift card to activate my paypal acc. I would (and so would you) prefer the gift card to have a balance of $0. I am willing to give all my points and the remainder of the money on my paypl acc* to whoever gives me one. my paypal acc has $30 on it...
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    Name Series!