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  1. vinayan

    Ms sql

    Hi anyone know a program that can connect to remote website and download database for local backup purpose
  2. vinayan

    Port problem

    Hi I need port 53 opened for outbound connections for a script to get work , is it possible ?
  3. vinayan

    July 25th 9th Annual System Admin Appreciation Day

    Hi all We are about to celebrate 9th annual System Administrator Appreciation day on 25th. This Day dedicated to system admins " those who working for you to get your system working properly, maintaining your network connectivity, monitoring and solving issues on web servers". yes Without System...
  4. vinayan

    System Administrator Appreciation Day India Chapter let me know your comments.
  5. vinayan

    Account information retrieval problem

    "Although you've logged in successfully, there was an error retrieving your account's hosting type from the backend system. Please post on our forums to seek support on this issue." Account name : Ikid sub domain: Parked domain : add on domain ...
  6. vinayan

    Account missing

    hi my account missing here and controll panel information too lost. also cpanel login not working . account : ikid sub domain : Parked domain : add on domain :
  7. vinayan

    Phpmyadmin & Mysql problems

    Hi all am not able use phpmyadmin mysql database on my account. Also tried to restore a database through cpanel backup restore option , it showing restoring ok but seems db not uploaded properly.
  8. vinayan

    Google Apps

    Hi Friends I need some help with configuring my email for Google apps . I want to host site here need to setup MX and cname entry at my myorderbox account . i don't want to use cpanel MX option . anyone can help me with this ?
  9. vinayan

    Account related problems

    Hi Today one of my parked domains missing from cpanel and when i try to part that domain again getting a message that domain parking failed and its already configured. Parked domain Hosting account domain Account user name : ikid Also when i try to login to control panel at Account with user...
  10. vinayan

    cpanel Login failed

    Hi There Today signed up for an account but my cpanel login not working please help me to resolve this trouble