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  1. mobstermind61

    Gaming Template Theme ( FREE TEMPLATE!) Limited Time only.

    Gaming Template Theme I have just created a really creative gaming website template design, the template is highly coded, and is also highly graphical, the design took some time out of life to create. Tested in: Google Chrome Mozilla Firefox Coding Languages used: HTML CSS3 Javascript /...
  2. mobstermind61

    Review my website template PLEASE?

    That is called an image shake Java hover effect, that is not an error that is a feature.
  3. mobstermind61

    N64 best games anyone?

    Conker's bad fur day <----Best Nintendo 64 game ever!
  4. mobstermind61

    Review my website template PLEASE?

    Yeah I thought so to lol
  5. mobstermind61

    Review my website template PLEASE?

    75% Finished Gaming Theme. Sources used: Java/Jquery, CSS3, HTML5. Creativity used: Image shaker, slideshow slider with zoom in, zoom out effect, and preview. Also border radius rounded corners with shadow effect. Artistic includes: custom logo, custom header, custom graphical...
  6. mobstermind61

    Looking for serious feedback!

    No I mean you could use a div tag to call a css structure, but the easiest way to do it for beginners is a HTML table structure something like this: (Example) <table style="background: #C40000; width: 920px; height: 600px; border: 1px solid #FF0000; border-radius: 8px; padding: 10px">...
  7. mobstermind61

    Looking for serious feedback!

    If your any kind web smart you would know that he is not using a border radius at all, that rounded corner effect is simply a background image with round corners, Just saying. I am gonna be honest here and this site needs work, first of all the website is empty, the forum did not load for me...
  8. mobstermind61

    Gaming Template Design

    Been creating a dark color scheme Gaming Template Design, The layout consist of a custom CSS navigation bar, custom logo design, custom background, unique java image/video slider with fade in fade out effect. The slider also has a preview box on loader when you hover over it. Everything is coded...
  9. mobstermind61

    Simple PHP Help Pleeeeease!

    I would use this contact form It seems to be structured a little better. I know the contact form your using and its not exactly the best one to use that is free, the one on the other side of the link i provided for you is a much better one, let me...
  10. mobstermind61

    Simple PHP Help Pleeeeease!

    did you create the right file for the send email script, because if you created the file call sendemail.php then the action at the top is wrong because the sendeail.php is spelled differently, i had that issue before. Make sure you rename the file to sendeail.php or rename the code in the form...
  11. mobstermind61

    Database Merging

    Okay I have a a Database for a Forum and I have a Database for a Music Community, but I want to merge the two Databases Login and Registers together so if someone creates an account for my forum it will create an account for the Music Community site as well, A lot of my members don't want to...
  12. mobstermind61

    What you think of the site?

    Orange brown checker board type background does not go with a blue white table set up for a forum board or any table structure for that matter. I suggest shrinking your header logo image down to small, or whatever that image means. Also that is a default mybb table style, here ill give you a...
  13. mobstermind61

    Having error issues ( php help )

    Never mind I fixed all this on my own, thanks for all the help. I guess i am the only one that gives feedback help in this forum
  14. mobstermind61

    Having error issues ( php help )

    I recently got a website script from Agriya called Volume, when you go to upload music it executes fine, but when you go to edit the Mp3 settings / details no matter what you put in the input boxes it will not save the settings. I am pretty good with resolving issues but this one really has me...
  15. mobstermind61 (check it out)

    I would like some feedback on this mybb design, The site is based for Underground Rap, Hip Hop Artists to get comments and ratings on there lyrics. So Tell me what you think. Don't forget if you like to write lyrics sign up :) Feedback to help improve will be respected
  16. mobstermind61

    All new HTML help site

    yeah this type of concept of coding has been way out dated. I might be biting my own tongue for saying this, but if you need help with creating a html help site i am willing to give you a hand with it.
  17. mobstermind61

    Enjoy my music site !

    Yes this is a really simple website design, maybe try to integrate some sort of language shifter so people from different areas can read your links and headings. I looked at your source code and your using style tags right inside the same page as your html, note that its okay to do that but if...
  18. mobstermind61

    Disk Space Policy Change

    I fully agree with this policy change, great idea, also a great way to keep memory lower for the users that actually use websites the correct way.
  19. mobstermind61

    hye...I am new here... let's talking here....

    hello there I am Jay aka Mobstermind. I am a website designer / Developer, glad to have you here.
  20. mobstermind61

    Hey all.

    looking forward to hearing more details and progress of this development from you, glad to have you and welcome! -Mobstermind