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  1. stardom

    Game: Count to 365

    Lets start this over...You people don't even know how to play a simple game or even post for that matter. New rules. 1. Ignore any post that does not contain the next number. 2. If you decide to post. Post the next number and then a phrase after it. 3. If you type in 365 it should be in...
  2. stardom

    Dump & reload site?

    Go into your /public_html folder for the site you wish to delete. Select all folders and files and delete. Start adding new files.
  3. stardom

    PHP, subdomain redirect, iFrame/Include help?

    In the security section of your cPanel, you should see IP Deny Manager. Simple put the spammers IP in and then click submit. It should block them from accessing any of your websites hosted from within that cPanel. Hope this helps.
  4. stardom

    Help getting started

    Looks like it is working fine to me. I get this "Howdy!! skfjsgf" the skfisgf is a link to :D Anyways Try editing your site now
  5. stardom

    Simple website

    I could prolly design you an easy mockup, the design is less simple. Then you can just add the info in yourself. Let me know if you want one. Doesn't take that long for me to make it. Other then that you achieved what you wanted. A simple fast loading site.
  6. stardom

    Hi All

    Welcome to x10. Moodle and Joomla are great choices for CMS :D Carl, you always beat me :P
  7. stardom


    Thanks for the demos, I was highly glad to not see Ravan's Mafia Script in there. For anyone who wants to log in without joining. username: demo password: demo At least that is what I typed in and logged in with :P
  8. stardom

    When buying a new computer, which type of CPU should I get?

    Glad I am not getting the gift :P
  9. stardom

    Vending Machine (Game)

    You get a new movie by Spielburg. I insert a x-acto knife.
  10. stardom

    Happy birthday, Corey!

    Happy B-day Corey! 26 is still young. Means you have plenty of time to keep x10 running smoothly :D Have fun and make party for all of x10 :D
  11. stardom

    How to make active link colour ?

    Use CSS to do this. Hope this helps A:link Defines the style for normal unvisited links. A:visited Defines the style for visited links. A:active Defines the style for active links. A link becomes active once you click on it. A:hover Defines the style for hovered links. A link is hovered when...
  12. stardom


    How about some demos? It better not be Ravan's Mafia Script....or some nulled McCodes.
  13. stardom

    100% guaranteed payment,earn$1000 per month

    Seems to much like spam to me. All the site is, is refs to PTC sites using his referral#. At least I think it is, because all the ref links are ending like this "rasel12345". Someone prolly read an eBook on how to make money through referrals using PTC sites, decided to post here to get some refs.
  14. stardom

    When buying a new computer, which type of CPU should I get?

    I am rocking a 1.8ghz AMD Phenom quad. It performs as well as my friends 2.0ghz Intel quad. Like Smith said. Phenom II will be able to match intel's i7, the only difference is AMD is cheaper. Also more friendly to OC . Of course if you don't have top notch matching counterparts. I.E. good mobo...
  15. stardom

    PC Build

    My only question is. What is the intent for this pc? Gaming or ???
  16. stardom

    Tips on making game site more attractive

    Care adding your game to my topsite?
  17. stardom

    How do you drive traffic/advertise a Game Topsite

    I have started a topsite list. I have never tried one of these and am at a total loss of how to drive traffic for these. I have tried to email the game admins to submit their games to my site. Yet none of them have signed up. I have added my own game. Yet that has not seemed to help other then...
  18. stardom

    Premium Hosting Question

    I dont have a content management system or anything. It is basically hand coded.
  19. stardom

    Premium Hosting Question

    I guess I will just wait and see if they message me. Then if they do I will sort something out. Thanks for all the info though livewire!
  20. stardom

    Premium Hosting Question

    Thanks livewire. I guess that clears it up. I haven't gotten an email from x10 yet. It only spiked up once to that level. There was just a warning in my cpanel> resource usage. Saying "Your site might hit resource limits soon. Your CPU usage was at 92% out of 100%" It was not a constant 92% just...