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  1. andy239

    My site to help gamers tell me wht you think im finaly open for busniess mostly for gamers but you can brows around
  2. andy239

    Exim Causeing Problems

    IM havinfg so many problems here it says that Exim is offline and it has been for 3 days and this Apache HTTP being down every 2 hours is getting out of hand can you fix the Exim please and why has it been down for 3 days its causeing problem and makeing my PHP site Slow cPanle...
  3. andy239

    What PHP

    whats some other good free php content managment systems out there besides???? PHP Nuke Nuke EVO Nuke Platinum Nuke Raven Post Nuke phpwcms phpwebsite
  4. andy239

    SUHOSIN Error What Now

    hello my frined is having me build a site and i wante to know why am i getting this Fatal error: SUHOSIN - Use of preg_replace() with /e modifier is forbidden by configuration in /home/cards/public_html/includes/classes/class.identify.php(182) : regexp code on line 182 and why on his...
  5. andy239

    Americas Army Anyone

    Dose any one here play Americas Army i would like to hear from you and what your game name and clans name if you have one If you dont play you should down load it if you like FPS best of all its free
  6. andy239

    Needs Help With FTP?

    Hello i was woundring whats going on i am trying to use FTP and i keep getting Citaical Error.... Y?.....It shows FTP is on line cPanle: agent87 Website: