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    Hello, Sir/Miss To anyone reading this post i would like to say thank you for taking your time reading this. Today im posting about a Company i own iWebcoding im looking for a partner to co-own with me must have skills in any of theses catagories PHP HTML XHTML HTML5 CSS MySql Photoshop...
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    Selling a Coming soon Page(Not Coded)

    Hello today im posting about a coming soon page i designed and i want to sell it for $2.50-$5.00 if you are intrested please post here or pm me -Regards Travis kerr
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    Hello today i wanted to post about we are skilled in php,mysql,html,css,photoshop,web designs and more we would like to help clients build there Websites up and have the best quilty websites,design and scripts we also do web hosting and domain selling. We are a new company found...
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    Team Coming together

    Looking to get some Graphics and Webdesigns to Join our team we do Web hosting,Text based games,Web Designs,Logos,Mods And MORE! so please let me know reply here or goto and join up and post there MSN;
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    Looking to Hire

    Hello im looking for people to join my team we need php,java,html,css,web designers anything along those lines to join us we will be going into some big stuff website still being created if you want to know more post or pm me or add me on Locate us at...
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    Hello all wanted to introduce myself i own a company that does several things list Web Designs,Game Engines"Text based Games",Web hosting,TBG"text based games" Mods and more. Im learning to code php and java i know Html little PHP little java if you need help with anything let me know and we...