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  1. Tariqul Islam

    Access denied for user 'user'@'localhost' (using password: YES)

    maybe your newly created user 'user' have no password. the password is set for 'root' but not for 'user'. check it. try to login with user and no password.
  2. Tariqul Islam


    Heartiest Welcome to the great community. Hope you enjoy this forum and it's features.
  3. Tariqul Islam

    My Account is Suspended!!!

    Oh...... OK, Waiting...... And Thanks....
  4. Tariqul Islam

    My Account is Suspended!!!

    I logged in to my Account Panel and it says my free hosting is active. but when i browse it says The page you are looking for is temporarily unavailable. Please try again later. Please activate my account.
  5. Tariqul Islam


    Heartiest Welcome to This is a great hosting site I see till now. Hope you can enjoy it.
  6. Tariqul Islam

    Problem using Addon Domain

    I don't know how but now my problem is solved. Thanks Tech Team from helping me. :wink:
  7. Tariqul Islam

    Problem using Addon Domain

    I see the screen attached here. Please help me to solve the problem.
  8. Tariqul Islam

    Problem using Addon Domain

    I have a domain with and with its ns record. I have set the addon domain with my hosting account which is but when I try to use my domain named it did not show. Please help me about this issue.
  9. Tariqul Islam

    Addon Problem

    Hi, my account is before the recent server problem I set an addon named to my account. Now I can't access my cpanel shows there is no addon domains in my hosting. But when I try to create this addon system says
  10. Tariqul Islam

    HELP with login system

    you can also use <?php if($session->logged_in) { echo('YOUR HTML FOR MEMBERS'); } else { echo('YOUR HTML FOR NON-MEMBERS'); } ?>
  11. Tariqul Islam

    PHP or Javascript

    In your issue I think PHP, MySQL is the best. For form validation you can use JavaScript. Also for beautification you will need CSS.
  12. Tariqul Islam

    First Proper Webby Design (x10 redesigned)

    It is not appropriate for the x10hosting home page I think. But good work. Keep working.
  13. Tariqul Islam

    Member log in page required

    I can help you. If you are interested please built your services page first. Then contact me with the necessary information. I'll make your login page which will prevent un-authorized access to your pages. thanks.
  14. Tariqul Islam

    iFrame Scrolling issue in Safari 4.0.3

    Hi all, In my Safari 4.0.3 and Google Crome Browser I did not see my scroll bar of iFrame which is viewable in IE and Mozila FireFox. iFrame's Scrolling attribute is set to Yes. What should I do now ?
  15. Tariqul Islam

    Apache Web Server Problem

    Thanks for the reply. The problem was in my firewall. thanks for the reply.
  16. Tariqul Islam

    game: kill the above user

    hey guys what you are doing here?
  17. Tariqul Islam

    Apache Web Server Problem

    In my office, I have a newly installed server machine and 15 client machines. In my server machine I installed apache web server which is running without any inturuption. But the client machines did not find my server's apache web server. Here is the details for you: Server Machine IP ...
  18. Tariqul Islam

    A Nice way to help yourself with some $$

    Hi Friends, There are many PTC (Pay To Click) Sites in the internet. But I want to introduce you with a very much dramatic site. There you can earn $ 0.0100 per click and if you have any referral you can earn $0.015 from each click of your referral. Minimum payout is $ 10.00. You have 4-5...
  19. Tariqul Islam

    SWAGBUCKS: Search and Win Prizes!

    I am agreed with you. Please tell us what is the bad thing in this site clearly.
  20. Tariqul Islam

    good way to make some $$

    This is pretty difficult I think.