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  1. Colin

    Which is better??

    Ok here is some of my latest work I made for school. I need to know which one looks better to hand in. Please vote for you favourite. CnC welcome and appreiceated. Version 1 Version 2...
  2. Colin

    New sig.... For Jake

    Ok since Jake is such and cool and nice guy I made you this sig. (For the help with fileVIP and just being cool) So I hope you like it.....
  3. Colin

    Hyper89's Shop

    Ok I'm am going to open up a shop here to reduce the ammount of threads I create to sell my products. Also this way you will always know what I have to sell. NOTE PRICES ARE NOT FINALIZED. I have yet to decide reasonable prices. .:Hyper89's Shop:. GFX Related 1. Premade Signature: 50-100...
  4. Colin

    Premium Template

    Ok, so I have a new template to sell. It is a premium template so it will cost minimum 3000 points I may be willing to go a little lower. It comes with a vector style banner, you provide images to be vectored. It is exclusive again, I will make neccessary changes etc. It is not coded, coding...
  5. Colin


    ok me and connor are having issues with ftp accounts. I have created a template for him and uploaded it to my site, I then created a ftp login for him. I can login fine, but he can't login. He tried to make a login for me, but I can login but can't upload things. Can anyone help us??
  6. Colin


    Ok this game is starting to annoy me! How do you get past the wall of cars when your at about 2100 feet or so?? Occasionaly I get through but not that often whats the deal??
  7. Colin

    Happy Birthday Moose

    I noticed its your birthday today so happy birthday. I hope you have a awesome day and all that other stuff that goes with it. Happy Birthday man:lupie:
  8. Colin

    What style of site??

    Ok so I'm redesigning, element designs (my site) because 1) I sold the template 2) just doesn't fit. So I would like to know what you guys think would be a good style for a site. I couldn't think of 4th option and you know all polls need to have atleast 4 options ;)
  9. Colin

    Template for Sale

    Ok since Brandon is no longer with us, I have the template I made for him that I'm am now selling. I will change the colours and banner to reflect for your use. My price is 1500 for exclusive rights or 1000 for non-exclusive. I will also remove the textures and rock/cement faces at your...
  10. Colin

    My best works.... and one for Phil

    Ok these are my best sigs ever. Please CnC, I really don't care if you have anything bad to say about them because I absolutly <3 them. Also Phil out of my very kind and generously giving nature I made you one. I have noticed how you always liked the ones I make so I decided to make you one. I...
  11. Colin

    Newest Sigs

    Ok ever since I left for new york I haven't been able to turn anything good out except Enigma's template (Are you going to pay me any time soon??). I've been in this terrible rut. So I've been trying to do something for school where I am supposed to delibertly over smudge and blur a piece of...
  12. Colin

    Post disappearing

    Ok something weird is going on here, it seems some of my post are disappearing. For example I'm positive I posted a response to Tnadav's thread about the cpanel, but its gone! This also happened to me when I posted in my BSoD thread... my posts would randomly disappear. Are they just being...
  13. Colin

    ad codes

    Is there any way of integrating the ad code into a image? On my site I have a image link saying "powered by x10hosting" and I want to know if there is a way to use the ad code to link through it. Note this is for the advanced ad code.
  14. Colin

    Man am I having problems today!

    Ok I'm trying to install XMB forums on my site but I get this error of: Database connection XMB could not locate the /db/DB_TYPE.php file, you have configured xmb to use this database-type. For it to work you will need to upload the file, or change the config.php file to reflect a different...
  15. Colin


    How do you heal yourself when you don't have any gil?? and secondly how do you play???. How do I get a weapon etc. seeing as how I just faced Enigma and found out I don't have one.
  16. Colin

    Blue Screen of FREAKING DEATH!!!

    ok I'm trying to upload my files to my site, but I keep getting the F$^&*&* blue screen of death after I start to upload folder/files and its getting really annoying. Does anyone know why this is happening and can help me? Any help would be appreciated greatly.
  17. Colin


    Can we make our own gifts to give to some one like a sig? or is the only thing we can give them is the stuff to buy?
  18. Colin

    Thanks to Nedren and the developement team and x10 staff

    I am surprised there hasn't been one of these already, but I would like to thank Nedren, Corey, Jake, and everyone else who helped getting this new site up as it is the FREAKING SHIZNIT!!!!!!! . You guys deserve the biggest thanks ever. So thank you very much.:fawkdance :bigok: :biggrin:
  19. Colin


    Ok here's my newest sig, CnC please
  20. Colin

    [req] Program reviews and descrips

    Ok I am willing to pay 10-15 points each for a descripition on the 2 programs Microsoft Expression: Acrylic and PHP Designer. For information on these programs here are their respective sites: Microsoft Expression